Fashion on a Budget

Teagan Smith

It’s time for Spring cleaning, and that means you should probably take a look at your closet. Every season comes with new trends, but unfortunately, I think everyone can agree that college is a very expensive time to love fashion. This week, we’re sharing our inside scoop on how to strut on campus in style, while still saving most of the money in your pocket.


For those of you who like the high-class style, yes this is still possible. Use your detective work from searching online for that hottie in your class, and put it towards finding those Ralph Lauren or Champion sweaters at your local thrift stores.


Don’t like the idea of wearing someone else’s old clothes? Then head on over to Ragstock and check out their affordable and stylish clothes! We love reppin’ what they’ve got to offer!


Fort Collins doesn’t have a ton of thrift stores, but you don’t need a lot to find what you’re looking for. Plato’s Closet is hottest used clothing store in town. Arc Thrift Stores and Goodwill might have seemed like a boring place when you were younger, but in college, those are a gold mine.


If you’re feeling a little extra, then try taking a day trip to Boulder and check out Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet, Shop Common Threads Boulder, and other excellent stores. I know, I know, go CSU! But Boulder has some of the best thrift shopping. I’ve found Louboutin heels, Coach bags and purses, Gucci belts, a whole section of Free People at each store, and so much more!

So, how exactly does one “thrift shop”?

Well, Macklemore… Thrift shopping is as simple as taking in the clothes that you haven’t worn in a while and selling them to stores such like Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, and more. Arc Thrift Stores and Goodwill won’t let you sell your clothes, but what you can’t sell, I would donate to those centers. Help out those who have less money than college students!



Two weeks ago I took some heels that, let’s be honest I’m not going to wear because that’s a lot of effort, and a basket of clothes that didn’t fit or I haven’t worn in the past year and a half, to Plato’s Closet. Guess how much money I got for it? $206.00. Oh, yeah! The best part is that if you want to buy some of their clothes, then you can sell and then earn even more money in store credit! After looking through my clothes, I got partial credit to purchase two Free People items, and the clothes they didn’t buy from me I took to Goodwill. Now, I’m not saying you’re going to get that much money. They call me the Thrift Shopping Queen. But if you sell some clothes, shoes, purses and more that are in decent condition, then you’ve got a good chance of earning some cash and upping your style this season!


Take this weekend to go through your closet, and spice up your wardrobe for this Spring and Summer!