Meet the Photographer: Lennon Brooks

Luke Bourland

person takes photo
Lennon Brooks poses, getting ready to take a picture. (Chloe Bellmore | The Collegian)

Lennon Brooks is a first-year Spanish major at Colorado State University and a member of The Collegian‘s photo desk. Lennon first got into photography when he was lent a partially broken camera from a friend. Lennon started taking photos and was enjoying it so much he decided to mention it to his grandfather, who used to be a professional photographer.

From then on out, Lennon’s grandfather offered him his old film camera and he has been taking photos ever since. Lennon’s favorite photo he has ever taken was from his second-ever roll of film shot at the airport. Lennon said, “I was waiting for my flight when I noticed the contrast between the dark seats and the light walls of the concourse,” saying he noticed “the baggage handler resting on his break, and (I) pulled out my camera to take the picture.” 


Person sits
An airport worker sits in a chair at the airport. (Lennon Brooks | The Collegian)
type writer letters in black and white
Letters on a typewriter in black and white. (Lennon Brooks | The Collegian)
person skates
A person performs a trick on a skateboard. (Lennon Brooks | The Collegian)

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