Meet the Photographer: Ian Fuster

Ian Fuster

Ian Fuster has been working as a photojournalist for The Collegian for half a year. Fuster is a journalism and media communication student at Colorado State University. 

Every Friday, The Collegian posts a photographer’s favorite photo they’ve taken for the Photo Desk on Instagram. Referring to the photo below, Fuster said:


This is my favorite photo I’ve shot for the collegian because I feel it’s a good action shot. I feel like this shot can resonate with people as well, especially while we are all stuck in our homes. I think that it just gives a little glimpse of what lots of people are doing to stay fit while at home.”

Colorado State University health and exercise science student Greg Barbosa does flutter kicks while holding weights in the living room of his Fort Collins home April 17. (Ian Fuster | The Collegian)

Ian Fuster can be reached at or on Instagram @ian_fuster1.