Meet the Photographer: Nathan Tran

Nathan Tran

Nathan Tran has been working as a photojournalist for The Collegian for two years. Tran is a communication studies student at Colorado State University. 

Every Friday, The Collegian posts a photographer’s favorite photo they’ve taken for the Photo Desk on Instagram. Referring to the first photo below, Nathan Tran said:


“This was one of my favorite photos I’ve shot with the Collegian. I love seeing the training and behind the scenes work of everything. There’s so much work and training that people put themselves through that goes unrecognized.”

Fighters training
Sebastian Puente practices his ground work March 7, 2019. Puente has trained in many forms of traditional martial arts and has been involved in it for a large part of his life. Puente is a six-time MMA champion and instructor at The Dojo in Fort Collins. (Nathan Tran | The Collegian)
Man sitting
Colorado State University economics professor and CSU Faculty Council member Steven Shulman sits at a CSU Faculty Council meeting to discuss faculty, finances and University resource concerns, March 2020. Shulman wrote and proposed a resolution to cut athletic spending at CSU. (Nathan Tran | The Collegian)
man building
Local Northern Colorado artist Armando Silva installs an exhibit for Día de los Muertos. The exhibit was up from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, 2019. (Nathan Tran | The Collegian)
Man sings
Jester Jay of jangleTHUMP performs at one of Yum Yum’s last patio sessions, September 2019. JangleTHUMP is a three member group that performs original music as well as various covers. Yum Yum’s is also hosting a farewell party on Sept. 15 as they close their doors after 30 years of business. (Nathan Tran | The Collegian)
More than 22 artists from all over Colorado have gathered in Fort Collins for the FC Mural Project, June 2019. The FC Mural Project will be provide Fort Collins with more than 10 new murals. (Nathan Tran | The Collegian)
Man Speaking
Irving Roth shares his survival story of the Holocaust, February 2019. During that time, he endured loss of basic human rights, the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp, slave labor and death marches. (Nathan Tran | The Collegian)

Nathan Tran can be reached at or on Instagram @tran.nathan258.