Seriously: Area woman unsure how to take her coworkers coffee offer

Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick

On Tuesday, a 26-year-old woman was working in her office when her afternoon was interrupted by a question that would bother her for days.


Laura McCollin has been working with Riley Smiths for three months. McCollin felt they were on good enough terms, but was confused about the nature of their relationship when Smiths asked a strange question.

“Our cubicles touch and I really don’t mind her usually,” said McCollin. “But, on Tuesday, she was on her way out for coffee and asked me if I wanted any.”

McCollin deliberated if the question was simply a gesture or a real question. Of course she wanted coffee, everybody wants a free coffee at 2 pm on a Tuesday, but Smiths was not a close enough friend to say yes with a good conscious.

“I, for one, know I would absolutely not offer Riley coffee, so what is she doing offering me coffee? She couldn’t have meant it, that just doesn’t make sense,” said McCollin.

After deliberating for a painful two minutes, McCollin decided to tell Smiths she did not want a coffee, although she absolutely did. McCollin has been thinking about this conversation since it took place on Tuesday. Recently, she went as far as consulting her mother.

Smiths could not be reached for comment.

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