Toronto authorities struggle to manage growing marijuana industry

Capelli D'Angelo

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

When Canadian voters elected Justin Trudeau’s liberal representatives to manage their country many had no idea that the marijuana industry might take over. According to Metro News, politicians and bureaucrats are having a hard time managing the new cannabis market.

With dispensaries opening up on almost every block, many business owners are concerned that the industry is not being regulated properly. Jeff Donaldson, co-owner of Bellwoods, claims there are around 15 dispensaries within walking distance of his square.


The liberal party has promised its people marijuana will be legalized in a timely manor, but no formal legislation has been enforced. This leaves Toronto with no zoning laws and unlicensed dispensaries.

There is no official count as to how many dispensaries have opened in Toronto, but none are being regulated. To read more about this issue, read the full story.

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