Bud + Breakfast offers Colorado tourists a legal place to smoke

Capelli D'Angelo

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Thousands of tourists have flooded Colorado to experience legal marijuana. The drug has been recreationally legal for people to use in private for almost four years, but where are visitors supposed to smoke?

Joel and Lisa Schneider opened a bed and breakfast two years ago to solve this problem. Bud + Breakfast in Silverthorne offers tourists a cozy place to stay with a complementary weed bar featuring several different strains, according to The Guardian. There is also a variety of smoking devices for guests to choose from.


Each of the five rooms are named after members of the Grateful Dead, and can be booked for $129 to $249 a night based on amenities.

Joel first discovered the business opportunity when he was staying at a hotel in Denver with virtually nowhere legal to smoke. 

“I was blowing smoke into the toilet with the shower on, a towel under the door, totally paranoid,” he said. “It defeated the whole purpose of cannabis, which should be about relaxing and being social.”

The original Bud + Breakfast opened in Denver and was wildly successful. Since then, the couple has opened two additional locations. Due to less lenient county laws in both Denver and Colorado Springs, guests are required to supply their own bud, unlike in Silverthorne.

Luckily there is no shortage of dispensaries in the area for tourists to choose from. For more details about the 420 friendly bed and breakfast, check out the full story.

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