The Art Corner: 3 Places to go for inspiration in Fort Collins

Seth Bodine

There are many reasons that lead us to seek out inspiration.

Maybe it’s because we are artists who are looking for something that will spark our creativity. Perhaps, we seek inspiration to motivate ourselves for our personal goals. No matter the reason, there are always times where we are looking for some sort of creativity.


Here are three places to go to seek out your inspiration:

 1. The Bean Cycle Cafe 

bean cycle
(Photo by: Seth Bodine)

The Bean Cycle Cafe is a combination of a coffee shop and a bookstore, located in Old Town Fort Collins. Lined across the walls are a variety of books and art from local artists. On the first Friday of every month, there is a poetry slam, which is a poetry competition where local poets perform their poems for a chance to win a jar of money. There’s also a monthly open mic night hosted by the Young Producers Organization, where people perform music, poetry or do something else like acting. The combination of the art, books, and monthly events at the Bean Cycle are a sure way to get inspired. 

2. The Fort Collins Museum of Art

Art Musuem
(Photo by: Seth Bodine)

If you are looking for somewhere to look at art, the Fort Collins Museum of Art is an obvious place to look to. The museum has one or two exhibits that change after a few months. The current exhibit is called Natural Shift, and focuses on contemporary art centered around nature. While it may seem small,  you never know when there will be something in there that could give you inspiration. 

3. The Downtown Artery 

(Photo by: Seth Bodine)

The Downtown Artery is not only an art gallery. The venue also has music, dancing, artist workshop and many other creative events such as a Story Slam, where people gather and tell stories around a certain theme. The amount of variety that the Downtown Artery offers provides many opportunities to get inspired. 

These are only a few of the many places in Fort Collins you can go to. Sometimes it just takes a foot out the door and a little exploring to find something new and interesting. 

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