Hawaii reviews applications to license medical dispensaries

Capelli D'Angelo

Woody Harrelson by David Shankbone
Woody Harrelson by David Shankbone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New legislation passed in 2015 calls for the licensing of 16 medical marijuana facilities in Hawaii. Woody Harrelson is one of 66 applicants who would like to open one of these establishments. Harrelson is a famous American actor, and the founder of Simple Organic Living.

According to Fox News, the state is reviewing the applications submitted and will distribute licenses in April. The full list of applications can be found on the Hawaii Department of Health website.


The state will issue eight permits. Each permit will allow a business to manage two production centers and one dispensary. Two on Kauai, four on Maui, six on Oahu and four on Hawaii island.

To be considered, an applicant must prove they have $1 million in cash, as well as, at least $100,000 set aside to open each establishment. Those submitting applications have to be residents of Hawaii for the past five years or longer.

The state predicts they will have selected applicants far enough in advance for dispensaries to open in July. To read more about the evolving Hawaii marijuana market, check out the full story.