Colorado Department of Revenue issues fourth marijuana recall this week

Capelli D'Angelo

Myclobutanil (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
Myclobutanil (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Wednesday the Department of Revenue issued another recall on marijuana sold in Colorado dispensaries. According to the Denver Post, this is the fourth recall issued this week.

Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine Inc., based out of Golden, must recall 68 batches of cannabis that tested positive for two illegal pesticides, myclobutanil and spinosyn A. Customers who purchased products from this dispensary anytime between December 2015 and last week are instructed to return these items for a refund to avoid smoking harmful chemicals.


Industry leaders who grew the plants claim that these pesticides are not harmful for ingestion, and that these same chemicals have been found in foods that people eat regularly. They also argue that the pesticides were necessary to keep the plants from catching diseases that would have killed the crops. 

In November, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper announced that there is a public safety concern regarding the chemicals marijuana cultivators are using. He demanded that health officials direct their attention to this use, and recall any inventory that could be hazardous to consumers.

Cannabis is still federally illegal, so there are no federal pesticide regulations. This forces Colorado agriculture officials to work harder to monitor chemical use at marijuana grow facilities.

Since Hickenlooper’s announcement there have been three other statewide recalls on tainted products. Dr. Releaf Inc., High Mountain Medz and XG Corp. have all had inventory test positive for harmful pesticides. To read more about this issue, check out the full article.

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