Wake and bake at the Bud and Breakfast in Adagio

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Marijuana plant. Español: Planta de m...
English: Marijuana plant. Español: Planta de marihuana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people in Colorado have noticed the increase in tourism since recreational marijuana became legal. According to IBT News, hotels have opened in Denver that allow tourists, or whoever, to smoke marijuana in the rooms they rent.

The Bud & Breakfast in Adagio considers themselves a part of the marijuana tourism industry, and apparently several other hotels have chosen to fill this market need too.


The hotel features a wake and bake, as well as, a 4:20 happy hour for massages and joints. Joel Schneider, CEO of the Mary Jane Group, owns three lodges that were converted into bed and breakfast establishments in 2014.

“The big reason people stay is for what we offer,” Schneider said. “If cannabis wasn’t a draw, they wouldn’t be coming to pay the higher rates.”

Hotels in Colorado are not the only businesses making money off of marijuana tourists. The state has also been hosting My 420 Tours.

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