How to maintain activity and socially distance

Tyler Meguire

Even though gyms are now open and enforcing COVID-19 safety guidelines, not everyone feels safe enough to go to a poorly-ventilated area where people are sweating and potentially yelling. Finding fun and engaging activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle while social distancing can be a challenge for those accustomed to the gym lifestyle. Here are a couple of ways to maintain activity while social distancing.

Going for a walk or a hike

Colorado is home to breathtaking views and quality air — when the state isn’t on fire like it is now — and makes it the perfect place for a nice walk. This allows for a healthy activity while being outside and away from people. Even if two individuals walk past each other, being outside is consequently safer than being inside, especially if both are wearing a mask.


Horsetooth Reservoir is the heart of Fort Collins and a great area for activity. It has great hikes, camping areas and places for quality fishing. Horsetooth is not the only place for a great hike in Fort Collins. Here is a list of the best hiking trails in Fort Collins.

Campus Recreation

Not a part of a recreational or Intramural Sport at Colorado State? No problem. Grab some friends and check out the various areas around campus to get some activity. CSU’s campus offers a great walk due to its views and environment. 

CSU has a lot of space around campus for opportunities for friends and individuals to perform all sorts of different activities. Spikeball is a common activity with two or more people. There’s always somewhere to find a nice and relaxing place on campus to stretch, do yoga and play some basketball. There is almost an infinite amount of things to do around campus to maintain activity. The campus is big enough for them to be done while socially distanced.

Activities to do while staying home

Even with all of the protocols, it still may be nerve-wracking to maintain activity outside of your residence. No need to leave home with these common workout routines at home.

A pushup, situp and squat routine can be a perfect way to stay in shape while not even leaving your room. There are plenty of variations of this workout that you can perform. The best thing is, you can do it at your pace without anyone there to see you. There are also plenty of other workouts you can do that exercise different muscle groups.

Usually, it works best with free weights but if you do not have those, use different things around the house to simulate. Hold a gallon of milk while you do your squats and it will be similar to free weight.

What am I doing?

I am not an expert in this field, but I do find my ways to get some activity without even leaving my apartment. My roommates are far better at maintaining their physical health, and they do everything in their rooms.

Both do pushups, situps and squat routines. They do four sets of 20 for pushups, four sets of 30 for situps and then 75 squats with 35-pound dumbbells. One roommate adds a plank series that makes him do a regular plank and side planks — on both sides — for a minute each.

The other thing we do is pass a 25-pound medicine ball around while we are just sitting on the couch hanging out. This is a great way to be active while simultaneously doing nothing. Sometimes we do competitions and whoever drops it first is out. Although, it is not great when we drop it because we live in an apartment. 

No matter what type of activity you are into, there are several ways to maintain activity while social distancing by staying outside or in the comfort of your own home.


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