Colorado State track and field 2019-20 schedule is here

Tyler Meguire

The 2019-20 Colorado State track schedule has been finalized and released by Head Coach Brian Bedard.

The outdoor schedule has the Rams at home four times during the season: Glenn Morris Multi, Fum McGraw Invitational, Doug Max Invitational and Jack Christiansen Invitational.


The finalized schedule has similarities to last year’s schedule where CSU swept the Mountain West Conference track titles.  

“The reason why our schedule looks very similar to last year is that once we lock in to a schedule that we feel good about, I’m reluctant to make a drastic change,” Bedard said. “If it is not broken, then do not fix it. A lot of the scheduling is strategically placed around our training periods if we are trying to reach certain times on events. I think the bye weeks are important, and our home meets as well, because that is a week of not traveling.”

Bedard factors in academics and traveling wear and tear on the student-athletes when deciding on the schedule. 

“I hate traveling on back to back weekends, so we try to limit that as much as possible. Also, we are really weary on class schedules, because we are (an) academic-minded team. We don’t want to put our student-athletes in a position where they have to miss too many class days.”

The indoor schedule looks a little different because of scheduling conflicts for New Mexico. 

“New Mexico threw a little wrench in the schedule, as its meet (Don Kirby Invitational) was moved to a Thursday-Friday, but they are hosting the USA Championships that weekend, so they had no choice,” Bedard said. “I like the meet, and we had quite a bit of success down there last season. It means we have to go out on a Wednesday, but it is still the best option in the region, so we are going to do it.”

We want to provide as many good, competitive opportunities that we can for the student-athletes.”

Brian Bedard, head coach

The third weekend in April will prove to be one of the biggest challenges the outdoor track team will confront. 

“The biggest logistical challenge on trying to have the team ready to go and as much down as possible is the weekend of … April 17-18,” Bedard said.

During this time the team will be at three different meets: MT. SAC and the Long Beach Invite, both of which in California, and also the Mines Nature’s Bakery meet in Golden, Colorado. This, Bedard said, is tough on the whole staff operation wise. 


“Why do we do it? We want to provide as many good, competitive opportunities that we can for the student-athletes,” Bedard said. “It is a huge investment for us. Aside from the conference meet, it is the biggest travel weekend for us.”

The full schedule for the 2019-20 season can be found here.

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