Swing Music: CSU club baseball players explain their walk-up music

Sergio Santistevan

Walk-up music has become as synonymous with a baseball player as their jersey number. Some players use it to get hyped, some for personal reasons and others for no reason at all.

The CSU club baseball team is in the midst of an 11-game winning streak. During that span, the Rams are averaging slightly over 13 runs a game, and walk-up music may be the reason behind the hitting success as of late. Some players share their reasoning and meaning behind their walk-up songs.


Outfielder, Brandon DeLay: “Hell & Back” – Kid Ink

DeLay is one of CSU’s best offensive weapons, and Kid Ink’s anthem has followed DeLay since high school.

“I’ve had that walk-up song since my junior year of high school,” DeLay said. “I just like it, and it works for me.”

DeLay leads the Rams with 21 runs and 75 at-bats this season.

Just like Kid Ink’s lyrics, “When the heat is on, I fire back,” DeLay thrives under the clutch. He hit two walk-offs in the Colorado Mesa series a few weeks ago to help put the Rams atop the Mid-America West Conference and potentially save their season.

Pitcher, Daniel Terao: “HUMBLE.” – Kendrick Lamar

Terao uses walk-up music a bit different than most. As a pitcher, he often hears his song before he steps on the mound.

“When I come into pitch, I need something that gets me hyped,” he said. “That song is what gets me going, just gets that adrenaline flowing.”

The sophomore pitcher has a 5-0 record in 23 innings pitched. He credits Kendrick Lamar for helping him get into that “go hard” mindset.

Outfielder, Jace Evans: “Can’t Stop” – Red Hot Chili Peppers


Last year, Evans made the bold decision to go with “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga. This season, he made a complete 360-degree turn. He chose a song that fit best with his classic rock music style. 

“It’s got a good intro,” he said. “I’m a classic guy…it pumps me up a little bit.”

Evans hit a pair of singles on April 15 versus the University of Northern Colorado after the Red Hot Chili Peppers song played.

Second baseman, Ryker McDaniel: “Pull the Trigger” – Russ

McDaniel went with a more modern-day song that fits his personality.

“It keeps me relaxed, like don’t try to do too much,” he said. “Just react and pull the trigger.”

The Rams have been pulling the trigger as of late, pouring in a total of 49 runs in the UNC series this past weekend. McDaniel had one single and was walked in game three of the series.

Outfielder, Casey Campbell: “Kick it in the Sticks” – Brantley Gilbert

Campbell’s goofiness and country attitude led to him go with artist Brantley Gilbert.

“I chose ‘Kick it in the Sticks’ because I’m a honkey,” he said.

Campbell, who hasn’t seen much playing time this season, will look towards next season to make an impact on the team, and he already has his walk-up song picked out.

“I should have done ‘Cotton Eye Joe,'” he said with regret. “Next season.”

Outfielder/pitcher, Jared Van Vark: “A Milli” – Lil’ Wayne

Van Vark has been a fan of Lil’ Wayne since he was younger, and that led him to choose “A Milli.”

“It was a song I used to really like when I was younger,” he said. “It still gets me hyped so I decided to go with it this year.”

The pitcher and outfielder boasts a 3.07 ERA and leads the team in RBIs, so maybe Lil’ Wayne is the key to success after all.

Collegian sports reporter Sergio Santistevan can be reached at sports@collegian.com or on Twitter @TheRealsSergio.