Saturday’s scrimmage can answer plenty of questions for CSU football

Eddie Herz

After being forced inside due to inclement weather on Thursday, Colorado State football turns its attention to the second scrimmage of fall camp, set to take place on Saturday evening. This opportunity allows players to go into the season on a positive note. For some, this means continuing the way they have been playing during all of training camp. And for others, like the Rams’ secondary, it means getting back on the right foot.

Though Bobo has been far from impressed with his secondary lately, they will be given the opportunity to make their presence known in the scrimmage.


“I generally work more passing situations in a scrimmage just to see our guys run routes, just to see our guys protect, but also to see us play the ball in the secondary and play our coverages,” Bobo said.

With the recent news that junior safety Braylin Scott is most likely going to be out for the entire 2017 season, other defensive backs have a chance to step into the lineup. The scrimmage is essentially an audition for them.

For players like Rashaad Boddie and Izzy Matthews, the scrimmage is a final showcase of all the good work each have been putting in as of late. Boddie entered training camp as the fourth running back on CSU’s depth chart. However, with how he has performed during the offseason, he could be anywhere from top to bottom on the depth chart to begin the season.

“He might be number one,” Bobo said. “If he’s the best guy he’ll be number one. “The best guy is going to play. I owe that to Rashaad, I owe that to this whole team, I owe that to everybody who supports Colorado State.”

After struggling towards the beginning of training camp, it seems Matthews has finally put it together. Saturday’s scrimmage will be the biggest indicator on whether or not Matthews is in regular season form yet.

“Izzy has really picked it up this week,” Bobo said. “We’ve challenged Izzy and he’s done a nice job.”

To the disliking of CSU fans, Evan Colorito missed the open scrimmage a few weeks ago. Colorito finished second on CSU in tackles for loss last season with 10. The redshirt senior is without a doubt one of the team’s most experienced defenders.

Missing an open scrimmage could have been a sign of a serious injury for Colorito. Instead, his absence was precautionary. Though Saturday’s scrimmage won’t be open to fans, Ram supporters can happily learn that Colorito will be participating.

“Colorito just had some back spasms right before the scrimmage, nothing serious,” Bobo said. “He’s practiced everyday this week, so he’ll scrimmage.”

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