CSU’s Colton Iverson drastically improves NBA Draft stock

Colton Iverson, a graduated center from Colorado State University, is attracting scouts from nearly every team in the National Basketball Association, according to his agent.

Iverson said he is showcasing his talents around the league, proving a Big 10 transfer to the Mountain West can actually improve his draft stock.


“I knew I would have to stay in the best shape of my life in order to compete in the Mountain West,” Iverson said during a phone interview from Cleveland. “It is the most underrated conference in the NCAA, and I (knew) the transfer would allow me to play against good teams.”

Colton Iverson, 45, shows his post power against Wyoming
Colton Iverson, 45, shows his post power against Wyoming

Iverson met with 10 teams across the NBA, including the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers. After his workout with the Cleveland Cavaliers early this week, he will work out for a dozen more teams, including powerhouses like the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Although Iverson is most commonly known for his rebounding and second-chance-points, video from his draft combine shows his most improved skill sets are his mid-range jump shot and his ability to run the court.  With a 15-foot jump shot that reminds one of Dallas Mavericks veteran Dirk Nowitzki’s, Iverson is separating himself from other centers in the draft.

“Just to be remotely compared to Dirk by NBA teams is in incredible honor.  But, I know that I can always improve (my shot). Basketball is my profession, and I will always continue to get better and better,” Iverson said.

Iverson’s collegiate career ended when the CSU Rams fell to the soon-to-be NCAA Champion Louisville Cardinals in March. Since then he has been working on his shooting and agility at a training facility in Las Vegas, Nev.  While there, Iverson said he has lost fat, gained muscle and improved his overall game.

“I trained at the gym every day for six hours a day. I am eating right and staying healthy. I am definitely in the best shape of my life,” Iverson said.

Unlike previous years, the 2013 NBA Draft doesn’t have any standout stars in it. Iverson said he believes his work ethic and mentality will set himself apart from the others at all levels of basketball.

“There aren’t a lot of players like me out there,” he said. “Right now I am ready to come in and play a role that many (players) won’t. I’m ready to do the dirty work; ready to set screens, get boards and get assists. Some guys need the ball in their hands to showcase their abilities, where I am ready to come in and do what I can to make the team win. It sets me apart from other players.”

Of the hundreds of hopefuls, 60 players will hear their name called June 27. Many speculate he will be an early second round draft pick. Iverson will be at his parent’s home on draft night, where he said he will anxiously wait to hear his name called.

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