Hansen: There is extreme bias towards Republicans in America

Wyatt Hansen

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American politics is seeing a large increase in interest as media and news dominate the information being presented to the American people. Because of this, it is no surprise we have seen a rise in “fake news” targeted towards conservatives. 


The Republican Party is at the front of this “fake news” epidemic and combating media bias for everything in America right now. The University of Michigan found that most news outlets lean left, and it has become extremely apparent to Republicans across the country. Liberal media has taken it in their own hands to skew information and lead American citizens to believe what they want about conservatives in this country.

If you’re like me, then you can see a lot of the bias happening around campus here at Colorado State University. Students welcomed Bernie Sanders with open arms to talk on campus while Dennis Prager was ridiculed and told he shouldn’t be allowed to speak. Although Republican events are often turned down due to protests and violence, the Bernie Sanders rally had similar attributes this year.

Turning Point USA is also often turned down, and protests to keep the organization off campus happen every year.

Free speech on campus is a right for all students.

Unfortunately for conservatives, liberals don’t want to hear or see Republicans being represented on campus. There is a bias towards Republicans at CSU and on college campuses across the country.

The Republican Party is at the front of this ‘fake news’ epidemic and combating media bias for everything in America right now.

Fox News reported how just recently, conservatives at the University of Texas at Austin had their signs torn down by leftist mobs. Anthony Delcafino, a junior at UT said, “Instead of engaging in civil discourse and discussing the topic peacefully, an angry, leftist mob formed and began screaming expletives, verbal threats, and destroying our signs.”

If the roles were reversed and a conservative dared touch, let alone tear down a liberal’s sign, the media would be up in arms and the left would be outraged.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Socialists of America are able to freely advocate for speeches and events catered in their name. Interestingly enough, socialism is why we have a migrant caravan fleeing South America, and socialism is why France is engulfed with riots right now. In recent news, the media has casted their focus on the migrant caravan at the southern border.

Media outlets are outraged at the use of tear gas and force on the migrant caravan by border patrol. They can’t help themselves but to blame President Donald Trump and his administration.

On the other hand, Fox News found that tear gas and security measures used during former President Barack Obama’s administration at the southern border went relatively un-talked about. In fact, towards the latter half of his presidency, Obama had used tear gas more than once a month on average. The media largely turned a blind eye when the Obama administration used it at the southern border during his time in office.


There is an extreme bias and hate towards Republicans in America right now. According to the media, conservatives are to blame for every bad thing that happens in society. The media has played a huge role in this bias towards the Republicans in the United States and on campus.  

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