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Spease: The Women’s March was a feel-good get-together and nothing more

On Saturday, January 21st the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, millions of people flooded the streets in the name of women’s rights. Political scientists estimate that of the 600 cities participating in this movement, 4.2 million people were in attendance, thus producing the largest demonstration in the United States’ history. These statistics are impressive, and a demonstration this large deserves respect.

Yet, after further research, I struggled to identify one cohesive mission statement. Every news source outlined different goals, from the expansion of Planned Parenthood to the take-down of Donald Trump’s “oppression.” There are multiple websites outlining various goals and guiding principles of the march in hundreds of different cities. In an attempt to understand the main goals of the movement, I went to and found a six-page document entitled the “Guiding Vision and Definition of Principles” for the march on Washington. This is where I discovered eighteen paragraphs of “guiding principles”. The participants in this movement walk for: gender justice, racial justice, economic justice, human trafficking, police brutality, anti-military grade weapons for officers, inequities within the criminal justice system, healthcare services, birth control, LGBTQIA Rights, the wage gap, Indigenous equality, Unions, for disabilities and Deaf women, making the constitution “truly equal”, immigrants and refugees, the environment, and so much more. As I read through this exhaustive list, it became clear that the movement is not for women’s rights. It is a march for every liberal ideal under the sun, and most importantly it is anti-Trump propaganda meant to slight his presidency the day after his inauguration.


Many people from the March would argue that the rally is so much bigger than Donald Trump and is a social movement. I find this hard to believe, seeing as how the march was held on President Trump’s first day in office. As well, the standard uniform of many of the participants were pink “pussy caps” in the shape of a vagina, thus referring to the controversial tape of Donald Trump. Also, I find it depressingly laughable that a person with purple hair wearing a vagina suit is going to lecture the rest of the country on human dignity. That is entirely ironic.

Many of the demonstrators held posters that directly insulted our new president. Although Trump has made derogatory comments in the past about women that I am not condoning; I also do not agree that he is sexist or anti-women by any means. On the contrary, he hired Kellyanne Conway as his senior adviser and pollster, and then promoted her to campaign manager where she led him to victory, and became the first women to successfully run a presidential campaign. As well, he employs more woman than men in the upper division of his business, has more women executives, and reportedly pays them a higher salary than male counterparts. These are only a few of the great things our president has done for females, and although his rhetoric is poor, actions speak louder than words. Therefore, why did so many women march in protest of Donald Trump? Is it truly because he hates women, or because he deviates from the left’s politically correct train of thought? The Women’s March is another ploy to delegitimize Donald Trump’s electoral landslide.

Additionally, the participants claim that this is “a women-led movement bringing together people of all genders, ages, races, cultures, political affiliations, disabilities and backgrounds”. Yet, pro-life groups were not allowed to participate. The left may argue that pro-life women’s values do not align with their mission statement for equal rights to abortion, and they have their own march. However, this would seem to imply that everyone who participated in the March agrees with all six pages of principles outlined in the Women’s March document. If the march was truly all inclusive, and one woman can march because she hates Donald Trump and another can march for healthcare; than shouldn’t pro-life women be able to participate in a movement that is all about woman strength? The mission statement should be altered to say that everyone is welcome as long as you support liberal views.

The more I researched the Women’s March, the clearer it became that the peace and love the left claim are the reasons behind the demonstration are just a way to cover-up the war they are waging against our president. The media coverage and Hollywood guest speakers were clearly prioritized above the goals of the Women’s March. Similar to the Occupy Wall Street movement, this March had no clear leadership or goals; and failed to work with any legitimate source of authority to obtain their supposed desires for freedom and equality. Every attendee had a different objective, which watered down the message behind the movement and produced a whole lot of nothing. In addition, the media raved about how peaceful the march was because there were no arrests. Yet, mainstream media failed to mention how Madonna claimed she wanted to burn down the White House, or how Chelsea Handler bashed Melania Trump by saying that she can barely speak English. This seems to contradict the march’s mission of bringing people together from all political affiliations and races.

Although the Women’s March upheld many wonderful ideas about equality, acceptance, and freedom. The movement was meant to insult Donald Trump. Instead of accepting the election and standing behind our president, the left immediately began protesting. They refuse to accept the free and fair election that brought Donald Trump to the White House, and refuse to respect the millions of votes from their fellow female citizens. Instead, they insult the president and anyone who stands behind him, thus polarizing the country further. These women are not marching for rights; they are protesting and causing tension just because they can, without any tangible or reachable goal in mind. That is something, I, as a woman, cannot stand behind.

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  • K

    KennyFeb 3, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    First – How are the goals not tangible or reachable?
    Second – Do you realize that what you have explained is very common of grassroots movements in general? If you look at the Tea Party’s website, they list “15 Non-negotiable Core Beliefs” most of which have nothing to do with taxation. The more diverse the group involved in the movement, the more diverse its demands/ideals/goals would be.
    There is nothing surprising or wrong about this. Eventually, if the movement becomes more organized, then these would be parsed down. What you have described and vilified is perfectly normal.

  • M

    Menachem MevashirFeb 3, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Beautifully written piece. You clearly win the debate on these pages.

    The other piece is lame and full of unthinking emotionalism and illogic.