ASCSU ratifies new members of the Student Fee Review Board

Lily Wolfmeier

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Associated Students of Colorado State University ratified a new slate of members for the Student Fee Review Board.

Members include Alex Benitez Banos, Kai Calder, Jasper Sloss, Emily Baller, Charlotte Pardo, Peyton Dailey, Nate Akers, Hannah Knox, Michael Townsend, Kyle Kumjian and Evan Welch. 


“Every student should have the opportunity to have every service,” Senator Emely Cruz Arrazola said.

SFRB has the ability to vote on the allocation of student fees. The senators were concerned with the slate of new members for the board, especially their ability to serve the student body.

“We need to be as impartial and diligent as we can,” said Senator Kyle Hill. “Our constituents put us on the senate to do the right jobs.”  

One of the major concerns the senators voiced was the recognition of the experience of marginalized students and the environment of SFRB. 

“(You can’t say) ‘I vote for the people that I want to vote for,’” Senator Jaquikeyah Fields said. “You are voting for everyone. You are representing the people that you want to represent. … Our job is to make sure that the students who want to be represented are represented.” 

Senator Miguel Ojeda said that the position of allocating funds held by the SFRB has “never been exclusive.” Any members sworn into the SFRB are responsible for allocating funds for everyone. 

“Our fees benefit all the students,” candidate Baller said. 

Another major concern the senate had was the checks and balances system within ASCSU.

The senate and SFRB have the ability to check each other. Both the senate and the SFRB members want to make sure that they are creating the best environment for the students, according to multiple senators. 

Baller explained that the senators and members of SFRB all have passion in common.  


Senator Gemma Buhaenko explained that through checks and balances given by SFRB, criticism can be provided to the senate.  

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the senators and members of the SFRB were concerned with the ability of students to pay. Many candidates, including Baller, mentioned that the bar for approving fee increases has been raised. 

The goal of the ratification process is considered helpful for both the senate and the SFRB, since it is an opportunity for the two branches of government to interact with each other and, at times, call each other out, according to senator Fields.

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