Board of Governors unanimously votes for education funding

Serena Bettis

In an effort to keep education affordable, Colorado State University’s Board of Governors unanimously decided to back Proposition CC on Monday, Sept. 9.

The proposition, which will appear on Colorado ballots Nov. 5, aims to allow the state to put extra tax revenue toward education and transportation funding.


Proposition CC will not raise taxes, but instead amend the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights that is part of Article X in the Colorado Constitution. TABOR places a cap on annual state funding and requires the state to refund taxpayers with any excess revenue each fiscal year, according to the state of Colorado website.

The edit to TABOR would read: “For each fiscal year commencing on or after July 1, 2019, the state is authorized to retain and spend all state revenues in excess of the limitation on state fiscal year spending.” This retained revenue would increase both public and higher education funding, as well as funds for roads, bridges and transit across the state.

CSU’s Board of Governors wrote in their Sept. 9 press release, “The Colorado State University System and its institutions share a unique and important mission to provide an affordable college education to all eligible students throughout this state.”

Despite the oddity of the Board voicing a political opinion, they took little time in coming to this decision, said Board Chair Nancy Tuor.

“It is very unusual for us to do that,” Tuor said. “We are not a political body. Our role is to provide governance to the CSU system in its quest to provide affordable education.” 

Proposition CC’s outcome will not be determined until November, but the Board of Governors considers themselves “on the record” with their support.

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