Police report released for campus tour incident with body cam footage, 911 audio

Austin Fleskes

Video courtesy of Colorado State University Police Department. 


The Colorado State University Police Department has released the body camera footage of the officers who responded to the police call on the two Native American boys touring CSU on April 30, along with the 911 call audio.   

The CSUPD also released the police report for the incident.

According to the report, dispatch received a call regarding “two suspicious males following a CSU student tour group.” Officer Lance Hoisington reached out to the mother who called 911, and she told him the tour had been going on for about 45 minutes when the two males, who were wearing all black, “wandered” into the group.

The audio from the 911 call can be heard below. 

“(The mother) told me that several people in the group were uncomfortable because the two boys were laughing and keeping to themselves and did not seem to be interested in the tour,” Hoisington wrote.

Hoisington, along with another officer, approached the males when they were pointed out by someone in the group, and asked them to step aside for their privacy. 

Hoisington explained to the boys that he had received a call about them, and the boys said they had joined the tour late and the reason they hadn’t said their names when initially asked was because they were shy. 

“I explained that because they had refused to give their names or speak to anyone, in addition to joining a group which had been in progress for 45 minutes, people were uncertain as to whether or not they actually had permission to be in the group,” Hoisington wrote. 

The boys proved to Hoisington that they were officially part of the tour because of an email confirmation. The officer wrote that he explained to the boys if they had given their names when asked and explained their situation, no one would have found them suspicious. The boys were then released back to the group. 


Later on, Hoisington was forwarded a phone call from the Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray, the mother of the boys, who was upset and felt that her boys were racially profiled. 

“I explained to her that law enforcement is obligated to follow up on any call that we receive and that the reporting party was suspicious of the boys’ actions alone,” Hoisington wrote. 

According to the report, Gray asked questions about the CSU tour policy and Hoisington explained she would have to contact the admissions office for that information. He provided her the general phone number and said if she did not get the answers to her questions he would assist her. 

Hoisington then returned to Ammons Hall where he met the original caller.

“She again reiterated the situation which was recorded on my body cam,” Hoisington wrote. 

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