Body camera footage of Michaella Surat arrest released

Austin Fleskes

Warning: Video Contains Graphic Footage

Video courtesy of Killmer, Lane & Newman, LLP

The body camera footage of the the arrest of Michaella Surat was released on Wednesday via Defense Attorney David Lane.


The video, which was shared with a Denver TV station as well as the Coloradoan, depicts the camera footage from the officer in question during the arrest of Surat in April 2017 in Old Town. 

Surat’s arrest made national headlines when said officer body slammed Surat during what was considered a “standard arrest technique.” 

Interim chief of the Fort Collins Police Terry Jones has stated that the footage was “not yet cleared for public release as it is evidence in the ongoing criminal case against Surat,” according to an article by the Coloradoan

Jones has also stated that the release of this information is “an orchestration to influence public opinion,” according to the article. 

According to Saja Hindi in her article in the Coloradoan, “The Coloradoan is choosing to publish the video as shared with us by Lane in its entirety to provide the public with as much information about the case as possible.”  

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