Fort Collins Police report few citations over Halloween weekend

Clair Tillotson

Halloween weekend, or better known as “Halloweekend,” is many college students favorite time of the year but authorities typically deal with various crimes throughout the City.

This year was a typical Halloween weekend, according to Dustin Weir, Fort Collins police spokesperson. The department responded to nine party related calls on Friday into Saturday with two citations, and 27 party calls from Saturday into Sunday, with one party-related arrest.


“It may be busier than your typical weekend but not by a whole lot, and it’s hard to say whether it is all Halloween related or if the CSU football game attributed to some of that,” Weir said. “There was nothing that was particularly out of control or crazy.”

CSU’s Public Safety Team sent an email to students Thursday warning students of increased student conduct issues in the days before, during and after Halloween.

“Last year, over the days just before, during and after Halloween weekend, 168 students were referred to Student Conduct,” wrote the CSU Public Safety Team. The email warned students of consequences that include alcohol infractions, sexual misconduct including sexual assault and uninvited touching, physical assault, vandalism, false IDs, obstructing a peace officer, and public urination.

In regard to Halloween on Tuesday, the Fort Collins police anticipate that college students will go out and have fun on Halloween. Police said they do not want to discourage students going out but also want to make sure that students are safe and enjoy themselves responsibly during the holiday.

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