Suspects arrested after stealing over 100 valuable car parts across Front Range

Nicole Towne

Between September and December, Fort Collins Police report that there were an estimated 106 catalytic converters stolen across the Front Range, and authorities believe that they have finally found the culprits.

Suspects Joshua Medley, 29, and Diedre Crawford, 26, were arrested on Jan. 7, for theft in Fort Collins, Loveland and Colorado Springs, the Fort Collins Police Services announced Tuesday. Additional charges are currently pending.


Prior to their arrest, the police obtained a search warrant for couple’s home after locating two suspect vehicles in December at a residence in Broomfield. Upon investigation of their home, additional evidence was found connecting Medley and Crawford to the recent crimes. Authorities have not yet released what evidence was found.

Catalytic converters are car pieces that help reduce overall vehicle emissions. It converts dangerous pollutants into less dangerous emissions before leaving the car exhaust system. According to an article in the Denver Post, catalytic converters contain precious metals which can be sold as scrap metal. Some converters can bring in profits of $30 and others over $100.

Over the four-month theft spree, 46 incidents were reported to the Fort Collins, Colorado State and Loveland Police departments. There are also approximately 60 other known instances of catalytic converter theft in other towns across the Front Range.

The Fort Collins Police Department is leading the investigation and is collaborating with various other police departments in Loveland, Broomfield, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Denver and Greenwood Village. The Colorado State Patrol has also provided support in the investigation.

Fort Collins residents who have recently been victims of catalytic converter theft and have not reported to authorities are encouraged to contact Officer Chris Renn at 970-416-2385.

Collegian reporter Nicole Towne can be reached at or on Twitter @nicole_towne21.