Fort Collins for Progress to hold political engagement rally Sunday

Rachel Telljohn

Fort Collins for Progress will host Rally for Our Rights this Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. in the gym of the Northside Aztlan Center in Fort Collins.

The event is designed for citizens to discuss what it means to be politically active or involved in their community so that they may better protect their civil liberties, according the the press release.


The rally Sunday aims to connect residents in the Fort Collins community to organizations, where they can get involved, and elected community officials. Senator John Kefalas, House Representative Joann Ginal, City Council member Kristin Stephens and Poudre School District board member David Trask will be in attendance.

Delayna Maynes, field coordinator for ACLU Colorado, and Andy Boesenecker, of Mustard Seed House, will speak first to begin the event. Attendees can then visit different local organizations before coming back together for a town-hall style discussion with the elected officials.

The rally is to emphasize the importance of being politically and publicly engaged in our community, according to Andrew Bondi of Fort Collins for Progress.

Fort Collins for Progress is a grassroots organization. According to Bondi, their vision is to create a community aware of the political process, as well as engaged in it. The group promotes equality and a government representative of its people, which is outlined in the group’s mission statement.

Fort Collins for Progress hosted the Peace and Solidarity following the result of the election. The group was previously known as Rams Against Trump, but has since changed their name. They “build bridges within the community, creating empowering opportunities for all; to protect and preserve the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone in the Fort Collins community,” according to their website.

Areas of focus for the group include the environment, education, civil rights, healthcare, economic justice, government reform and infrastructure.

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