Crime Update: Fort Collins man pleads not guilty in stabbing case, SWAT called for drug investigation

Allec Brust

Thursday Oct 13: Fatal stabbing suspect pleads not guilty

A man accused of killing a Fort Collins woman and seriously injuring another is pleading not guilty to an assortment of felony charges.


Tolentiono Corzo-Avendano, 26, has the potential of seeing life in prison or the death penalty if he is found guilty after his 13-day trial is completed. The trial will begin Feb. 21 and will include charges of first degree murder after deliberation, assault with a deadly weapon and armed burglary.

Two weeks ago, Corzo-Avendano entered his not guilty plea at the Larimer County Justice Center before 8th Judicial District Judge, Julie Kunce Field, who will serve as the judge presiding over his trial.

Tomas Vigil, Corzo-Avendano’s co-defendant, took a plea in September that downgraded his 20 charges to a single count of first-degree burglary. Vigil will face 10 to 24 years in prison. Field will sentence Vigil at an undetermined date.

Both defendants have been in custody at the Larimer County Jail since Feb. 10. the day after police were called in to investigate a stabbing at 1623 Stover St.

Stabbing victim Sara Mondragon called for help around midnight to report that her and her mother had been stabbed. Her mother, Kathy Mondragon, was fatally stabbed in the head and neck. There was also a child in the duplex during the alleged attack who was not harmed.

The attack left Sara Mondragon blind in one eye and initially unable to walk after the attack.

Friday, Oct. 21: Drug investigation in Loveland involving minors

A search warrant was issued on Friday in downtown Loveland after minors were suspected of buying drugs.

Authorities suspect the incident occurred at 304. N. Cleveland Ave. next to the Crow Hop Brewery and Taproom, across from the Downtown Legion Building.

Loveland criminal investigation officers and the SWAT team were called in to provide the warrant at 8:15 a.m.


No charges have been filed, and the investigation is ongoing.

Sgt. Jeff Pyle would not reveal whether the substance investigated was marijuana or another illegal substance or drug. However, the warrant did result in the seizure of an undisclosed amount of substances, according to Sgt. Pyle.

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