Construction Update: on-campus stadium, health center and city streets

Erin Douglas

Construction is concentrated during the summer months to avoid closures during the winter, according to the City of Fort Collins. Four major updates were made over the summer, and some projects continue into the fall semester.


College Avenue maintenance

Routine maintenance is being performed on sections of College Avenue. Over the summer, the city did an asphalt overlay on College Avenue from Drake Road until the Foothills Mall.

Prospect Road project

Over the next year, the city of Fort Collins will make major improvements to Prospect Road from Shields to I-25.

The estimated completion for the project is August 2017. Improvements include an underpass at Prospect and Center, intersection improvements at Prospect and Timberline and Prospect and College. The bridge over Boxelder Creek will also be replaced because it is structurally deficient, and the improvement will prevent flooding.

According to the City of Fort Collins, major construction to the road will be completed during the summer months in order to avoid closures during the winter.

Detours should end in August 2016.

On-Campus Stadium halfway point

The on-campus stadium reached its halfway point of construction on August 2. The $220 million project is expected to be completed in time for the 2017 football season.

As of August 2, construction partners have spent 410,000 hours on the project, according to the CSU Athletic Department.


Health and Medical Center halfway point:

The CSU Health and Medical Center reached its halfway point of construction on August 1, when the building crew placed the last steel beam. The new health center is anticipated to open during the summer of 2017.

Student fees, revenue from the CSU Health Network and private donations funded the $59 million project.

The health center will provide full medical services for CSU students, including mental health. According to the CSU Health Network, more than half of all students use the health center and it is one of the most widely used services on campus.