Avoid fines, register Halloween parties early through Off-Campus Life office

Megan Fischer

Parties can get out of control and lead to police intervention, neighborhood disruptions and possible fines. In Fort Collins, there are resources that can aid students and community members in preventing police intervention at parties.

Colorado State University’s Office of Off Campus Life provides party registration for both students and community members in Fort Collins.


(Photo illustration by Cameron Bumstead).
Register Halloween parties through the Off-Campus Life office. (Photo illustration by Cameron Bumstead).

Students can register their parties at any time, even if they are a couple months away, said Emily Allen, the community liaison for CSU and the City of Fort Collins.

“We always tell people that we’re not concerned about the people who register their parties,” Allen said. “We know students will party, and we want them to do that in a responsible way.”

The service is generally available for Friday and Saturday night parties, but it is also available for five holidays that tend to have parties associated with them. The service relates to calls specifically about noise complaints.

New Year’s, Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July and Halloween were added to the list because of past holiday requests, Allen said. The year the Broncos played in the Super Bowl, Super Bowl Sunday was added to the list.

“We like to stress Halloween because it’s what we find to be the biggest time of year for students to have parties,” Allen said.

Allen said registering a party takes no more than ten minutes and the office shares tips with students on how to be successful, including monitoring the foot traffic outside of their house.

“We tell students to get to know their neighbors ahead of time,” Allen said. “They’re more likely to deal with conflict directly with them versus needing police intervention.”

Other tips include not slamming car doors or screaming and yelling, making sure trash does not end up in the street and not walking through yards of neighboring households.

“We want people to have an idea that they’re in a neighborhood,” Allen said.

Benefits of registering a party include saving the party host from fines, a criminal record and disciplinary action by CSU, taking care of the community and saving the city resources.


Students may currently stop by the Office of Off Campus Life to register a party but they are hoping for an online system soon. Once their party is registered, if there is a problem, the student will receive a call from dispatch if there is a complaint, and will be notified to shut down the party. Allen said as long as there are no further complaints, police intervention will not be necessary.

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