CSU construction will continue until 2015

The $65 million Lory Student Center construction is almost done, but a $12 million project on Eddy Hall has just begun.

Construction on Eddy, the centrally-located academic building, began in May and is scheduled to be completed in fall 2015.


Eddy construction Project Manager Tony Flores says the Eddy project is being completed in two phases. Classes that do not require special equipment will be held in other general classrooms on campus. The Writing Center will be moved to Johnson Hall and Clark will take on computer lab overflow that would normally go to Eddy.

“Phase one is the south side of the building; phase two is the north side of the building,” Flores said. “During both phases the east side will be worked on.”

The remodeled building will include a cosmetic face-lift and behind-the-scenes upgrades like heating, ventilation and air conditioning improvements. A new lounge area called “Eddy’s Eddies,” will provide students a place to study. Flores said breakout areas like Eddy’s Eddies and wider hallways will help cut down on hallway congestion.

The Eddy project is being paid for in full by the University, according to Flores.

Despite the new construction project beginning right when the year-and-a-half LSC project is ending, Colorado State University students can look forward to a newly renovated student center this fall, according to the LSC Marketing Director Doni Luckutt.  However, the date the LSC will open is still unclear.

“It will open in fall, but I can’t say for sure when,” Luckutt said. “But, definitely this fall.”

Regardless of when it opens, students have many reasons to anticipate its unveiling.

Luckutt said students should look forward to a new microbrewery – which will be open to students as well as used for fermentation class – a land grant wall, which will help new students learn what CSU is all about, study lounges, which Luckutt said were in high demand from students, and many other amenities and features.

“(The LSC) will be a modern, efficient and a wonderful building that will make people proud to be a CSU Ram,” Luckutt said.


Incoming Freshman football player Coleman Key lives on campus, not far from the construction, but is not bothered by the work being done on the LSC and Eddy.

“I don’t know what it’s like to not have construction,” Key said. “However, I’m excited to experience the new buildings.”

Key first heard about the construction on the LSC and Eddy at orientation.

He has lived on campus for a month so has only contended with construction for a short time. He isn’t bothered by the construction yet, but he says it might get on his nerves later this year after being around it for a while.

Even closer to the construction is Louann Reid, the English department chair and an English professor at CSU. Reid had her office moved due to Eddy construction.

“There will be difficulties, but we are looking forward to the results once it’s over,” Reid said.

Reid and half the staff usually housed in Eddy have been relocated due to construction. Reid says half have been moved to Ingersoll until December and half have been moved to the third floor of the north side of Eddy for phase one.

The English Department administration has been moved to the Behavioral Sciences Building and will remain there for the entire construction project.

“Anytime a building that has so much student use is remodeled, it shows the students that the school cares about them,” Reid said.

It  has not been decided where the portion of staff remaining in Eddy will be moved to once construction on the north side of the building for phase two begins.

Collegian Staff Reporter Danny Bishop can be reached at news@collegian.com.