5 best memes from quarantine

Ty Davis

With a lot of people at home with nothing to do, many people are spending more time on social media. With meme makers looking to entertain, so many memes have popped up that it’s hard to keep track. Here are some of the most notable ones. 

5. “Gossip Girl” meme

Never doubt what humans will come up with when they’re bored. Few memes exemplify this creativity better than the “Gossip Girl” meme. Taking a screenshot from the show and cutting it together with a promo from the show, you wouldn’t think this single format would produce a meme that would take over the internet.


But the internet showed that when you give them an inch, they’ll take it a mile. Now, numerous edits of the meme with a different prompt and rewording using the promo letters are flooding social media.

What’s most impressive is the creativity on display from being able to just take a few letters and rearrange them into so many different responses. Admittedly though, this meme became tiring due to the sheer volume of iterations hitting social media so quickly. Still, for its simplicity, ingenuity and peculiarity, I give this meme a 7/10.

4. Chief Tannabok gets the news

When the meme first cropped up, it was another reaction/relatability meme format. What made this meme interesting was people’s ability to think outside the box figuratively and literally.

People quickly made the meme self-referential, breaking the fourth wall and then breaking the meme itself. People would scatter panels across their Twitter profiles or wherever else they chose, turning the meme into a type of virtual scavenger hunt.

While the meme quickly became stale, it made for interesting quarantine entertainment. I give it a 7/10.

3. Bill Clinton swag albums challenge

The quarantine has left many people feeling isolated from the world around them. Rather than expressing a relatable sentiment, this meme brings people together by allowing them to know you better and vice versa, possibly even sparking discussion.

I was even pleasantly surprised to see what a lot of people on my social feeds answered. For its calm socialization factors, I’m giving this meme an 8/10.

2. Quarantine heavy drinking memes

With so much downtime in a stressful situation, it was inevitable people would start looking for ways to relax and fill the time. With many people losing out on social drinking, in came a flood of casual heavy drinking memes. These memes reference anything, including early day drinking, the amount of alcohol consumed, how they drink it, etc.

To some, these memes may seem tasteless, but I see them as creating a sense of community despite the social distancing. It feels like a way to say to others, “You’re not the only one,” and “Go ahead and enjoy yourself.”

What’s more, many of these are so poignant and acute that you almost can’t help but relate to them, so I give them an 8/10.


1. Health care workers/essential workers are heroes memes

In an instance of social poignancy, many people have made memes in response to the hollow sentiments of companies, organizations, celebrities, etc. saying they support essential workers. These sentiments often espouse the bravery and selflessness of these workers, but they don’t result in tangible results like wage increases, donations or paid sick leave.

In response, people have made memes pointing out the ineffectiveness of these displays, pointing to the need for concrete actions. For finding a palatable way to combine memes and acute social commentary, this meme gets a 9/10.

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