The Nova Kicks discuss changing lineups, blending genres

Monty Daniel

Forming a connection within a band is special. That connection is even more vital when you are planning to record an album and play shows together.

For Thornton, Colorado, locals The Nova Kicks, members Enrique Sandoval and Luis Prado have been consistent staples in the band. Still, part of their lineup has shifted around them. 


“We’ve been through more drummers than girlfriends,” Prado said. 

He puts the feeling of losing a drummer alongside the feeling of a breakup, but worse.

According to Prado, during the final creation stages of their first song released, “Yesterday’s Clothes,” they were in the middle of a band breakup.

“Our bassist and our drummer weren’t necessarily in the band anymore,” Prado said. “We had already paid for (the recording studio) for the time, and we didn’t want to lose money on it.”

Despite writing the bass and drum parts in one day and calling in their ex-drummer to record, The Nova Kicks persevered and ultimately released the song. 

Now welcoming in Brandon Fierro on drums and Annie Kelly on bass, Sandoval and Prado feel secure in their band lineup. 

Sandoval and Prado are high school friends who decided to create music together, despite Prado believing that “(Sandoval) wouldn’t like what I liked.”

Officially forming in 2015, The Nova Kicks have been creating rock-based, high-energy music ever since. Integrating into the Fort Collins music scene, even with them being so close by, was a huge endeavor. 

They have a great attitude On and offstage. they’re more driven than most, they blend genres well and they give a f*ck about what they’re doing.” -Ian Ehrhart, member of The Beeves

By connecting with local musicians already established within the scene, The Nova Kicks began playing DIY shows. 

One of these groups was the well-known Fort Collins band The Sickly Hecks.


“They were always well-received and clicked well with the house show kids,” said Raymond Suny, lead singer and guitarist for The Sickly Hecks. 

Suny, as well as the rest of the Sickly Hecks, helped The Nova Kicks book shows in Fort Collins at local DIY venues.  

Although they may feel most comfortable within the punk scene, they are always looking to change it up and bring new ideas into the scene.

“Our roots are definitely in punk music, but we have a vast range of music that we like,” Sandoval said. 

Integrating the influences of artists like Rodrigo y Gabriela and The Flaming Lips, The Nova Kicks are not contained to merely one aspect of rock.  

Their main goal with this, as well as the overall message of their music, is to have people connect with their music and find comfort in anxiety.

“They have a great attitude on and offstage,” said Ian Ehrhart from Erie, Colorado, band The Beeves. “They’re more driven than most, they blend genres well and they give a f*ck about what they’re doing.” 

Looking forward, The Nova Kicks plan to release their new EP, “Son of a Stray,” in late May.

In the meantime, The Nova Kicks will be playing at KCSU and Launch Skatepark‘s Get Launched! concert on Friday, March 13. More information about the concert can be found here, and you can listen to more of The Nova Kicks on their Bandcamp

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