6 songs to launch you into the spring spirit

Monty Daniel

Leaves become dewy, blossoming flowers tint the air with their sweet perfume and fresh music pops up just in time for spring. With everything being new in the spring, it can be difficult to figure out what music should set the tone for taking a brisk morning walk or tending to your garden.

Highlighting the different ways spring affects people, here are six songs that are made to help you adjust to springtime.


1. “Garden Song” – Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers’ first solo release since 2018’s “Christmas Song,” this song keeps the same moody, existential feeling as her past work. With added synths and deep background vocals, the sounds bloom throughout the song.

By the end, Bridgers has built her garden of reverberations, and, I must say, it’s both tragic and beautiful at the same time. Bridgers’ soothing, sweet voice is perfect to accompany drives through the countryside.

2. “The Rain” – Oh Wonder

Smooth and relaxing: That’s what Oh Wonder’s music specializes in.

We all know that when spring rolls around, we can expect water to fall from the sky and help our plants and spirits grow. Similarly, “The Rain” can help us look at this weather in a pleasant context.

Slowing down to smell the roses seems ever more appealing when listening to “The Rain” by Oh Wonder, seeing as this song encourages you to look around, take a deep breath and live in the moment.

3. “Bloom” – Great Grandpa

The snow melts around us, just like this song will melt your heart. The calm but cheery tune with messages about slowing down and not stressing about life resonates with the season.

Sometimes winter can be a lonely season filled with darkness, but what Great Grandpa does is gently lift you out and expose you to the light. Alex Menne, lead singer of Great Grandpa, has an undeniably gorgeous voice, nearly guaranteed to put you in the mood for spring. 


4. “Irene” – Ben Zaidi

I’d like to believe that spring is just about sunshine and daisies, but that would be denying another key trait: reflection. The world seems to slow down to observe life, or the lack thereof, as Ben Zaidi does in “Irene.” 

In an Instagram post, Zaidi explains how this song came to be, as well as how Irene comes from a Greek word that means “peace.” There’s no better season for tranquility, forgiveness and contemplation than spring. Zaidi sees this unfortunate circumstance as a way to improve himself, which is something we could all benefit from this season.

5. “Rare Thing” – Frances Quinlan

Frances Quinlan, the lead singer of Hop Along, recently branched out to create her own solo music that is perfect for sipping tea and reading a book. 

Resembling the vocals of Ellie Goulding, Quinlan examines how to rebuild yourself and those around you after the harsh reality of winter. Specifically, she discusses how to accept happiness in your life and nurture that care because you deserve it. In reality, this song is about Quinlan’s niece, encouraging her to facilitate love and self-acceptance within herself at a young age. 

6. “Living Water” – Ásgeir

If recording an album alone in a cabin doesn’t scream “spring” to you, I don’t know what does. Icelandic artist Ásgeir, with his intense similarities to Bon Iver, recently released his album “Bury the Moon,” the result of heartbreak in the colder months. 

In particular, “Living Water” flows nicely and gives you a new respect for nature as a healer. He opens up his chest and pinpoints his heartache in this song, but we also get to witness him sew himself back together. Spring allows us to delve back into nature and take in all its beauty, just as Ásgeir has done. 

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