Meet Fort Collins indie-rockers Lady Denim

Emily Pisqui

Local band Lady Denim is bringing good vibes to a venue near you.

The soft-talking indie-rockers have put roughly 17,000 monthly Spotify listeners into a deep melodic trance, and they hope to encapsulate Fort Collins and beyond with their soft vocals, crooning guitars and upbeat lyrics.


people throwing leaves
Members of Lady Denim (left to right) Nick Lundeen, Matthias Mandl, and Nic Lubin throw leaves up in the air on Oct. 14. (Megan McGregor | Collegian)

Vocalist Nick Lundeen, guitarist Nic Lubin, bassist Chris Lubin and drummer Matthias Mandl began to let loose their groovy tunes in 2019 with the release of their debut EP “For Edgy Girls, Like Ramona.” With diverse influences from Bono to John Mayer, the band has built a collaborative style that showcases both their love for happy lyricism and 1980s-reminiscent beats. 

According to the band, the fact that they met in the first place was a happy accident. The catalyst came when Lundeen and Nic Lubin, both students at Colorado State University, signed a lease together. It wasn’t long before the two discovered their shared passion for making music, and the rest of the band fell into place from there. 

If we can help one person get over a breakup or fall in love with a girl in high school, that’s great.” – Nick Lundeen, lead vocalist

“We started to get to know Matthias (Mandl) and found out he was a killer drummer, and then we just started playing music,” Nic Lubin said. “It was very natural.”

According to Mandl, Lady Denim’s mission is to make music that is energetic and fun. They hope that their energy and passion draws in listeners and keeps their fans coming back for more.

“If you’re down in the dumps, hopefully we can lift your spirits,” Nic Lubin said. “Hopefully you come to our shows and have a good time.”

Since Nic Lubin and Lundeen are both CSU students, they needed to learn how to balance both the academic and music world. According to Lundeen, it has been exhausting but important to balance things that he is passionate about. Nic Lubin mentioned how he doesn’t regret any second if it.

“I did read a horoscope saying Capricorns are generally passionate people,” Lundeen said. “I think it’s because music has been such an important outlet for all of us through stuff we’ve gone through.”

Lady Denim will play at The Artery on Oct. 18 and at the Marquis Theatre on Oct. 20.

Lady Denim has been a way for its members to express their passion for music. According to Lundeen, it has been cool to experience going on stage and experience the growth of the band with his friends. In the future, the band would love to branch out and have a collaboration with Peach Pit, who was a primary influence for the band, but they said the Backseat Lovers would also be a dream band to work with.

Lady Denim hopes that their passion shows through to their fans and that their positive vibes will inspire anyone who listens to their music. Their favorite songs to perform are “Ramona” and “Pipe Dream” because of how they get the crowd singing along. 

The band mentioned that they will be playing new music for their audiences on Oct. 18 and 20. 


“If we can help one person get over a breakup or fall in love with a girl in high school, that’s great,” Lundeen said.

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