How to create a spooky basket with a local touch

Emily Pisqui

Leaves have fallen from the trees, and the weather has gotten cooler, which means it’s officially spooky season. A great way to show someone you care about them is by creating them something special. With the help of local Fort Collins businesses, you can create a spooky basket that is unique and personalized. 

A spooky basket is filled with a collection of Halloween themed items to give to your friends, family members or significant other. It doesn’t have to be “giving-back season” to give the important people you love a special gift. You can add fun items such as candles, cookies, fuzzy socks, candy, a mini pumpkin and gift cards from locals shops. Downtown Fort Collins has many shops with perfect items to add to your spooky basket. Here are some ideas for your sweet ‘n’ spooky basket.


Cookie selection at Mary’s Mountain Cookies. (Brianna Nash | The Collegian)

Step one: get a basket

One item you might need to get at a non-Fort Collins shop is the basket to contain all your spooky items. The basket must have a Halloween design on it in order to match the theme. Target, Walmart or the Dollar Store will likely have one.

Step two: spice it up

A good place to start is at Sense of Place in Old Town. With an eclectic collection of seasonal-themed items, there is no doubt that you will find something special to put in your basket. 

Step three: dress it for success

Another store to be sure to stop at in Old Town is Akinz. They sell handcrafted clothing, which is a great local addition for your spooky basket. For example, purchasing an orange or green beanie would add the colorful Halloween touch to the basket. 

Step four: add some treats

Now you need to add some candy to the basket. The next store to stop at is Rocket Fizz, which is downtown on North College Avenue. Rocket Fizz has all types of weird, spooky candy for your spooky basket. Look for gummies or chocolate that are Halloween themed. If you’re creating a basket for a child, Rocket Fizz also carries toys to add. 

Step five: sweeten the deal

Mary’s Mountain Cookies, located in downtown Fort Collins, is another option when it comes to adding goodies to the basket. They have many sweet options from various cookie flavors to edible cookie dough. Whoever is receiving the basket is going to be very grateful receiving fresh cookies or cookie dough from the local favorite cookie place. 


Step six: add some final flare

To personalize the basket for someone who is a Colorado State University student, alum or parent, the Ram Zone in downtown Fort Collins is a great option. CSU gear is needed all year round. Luckily for this occasion, CSU has the color orange as one of the school colors. Adding an Aggie scarf, socks, lanyard or T-shirt to the basket is a special touch to create the perfect Fort Collins spooky basket. 

Have fun this spooky season by creating a Fort Collins basket to give someone before Halloween is over. Remember to make it as personal as possible because this is a thoughtful thing to do for someone you care about. 

Emily Pisqui can be reached at or via Twitter at @emilypisq15.