Collegian picks: Favorite Homecoming weekend activities

Elena Waldman

Homecoming weekend is a great time to take a break from the stress of classes and remember why it is so special to be a Colorado State University Ram. Whether you are enjoying the autumn weather in Old Town with family or taking part in the many events put on by campus organizations, the weekend offers something for everyone to get in the spirit of the Homecoming season.

Here’s what the arts and culture desk chose as their favorite way to spend their Homecoming weekend.


Elena Waldman

Honestly, I’ve never really cared that much for Homecoming weekend. I’m not very into football, but I do like the energy the football game brings to campus. I really like how excited students get, and seeing people show their families around Fort Collins is heartwarming. When my family does come, I like to show them around my favorite Fort Collins spots and make them take me out to eat at restaurants I’m too broke to afford. 

Miles Parrish

As someone with family far away from CSU, my favorite thing to do during Homecoming is take a seat in my favorite lawn chair in my front yard and crack open a case of Rolling Rocks with my friends, as students and their families walk by in search of ways to spend their Homecoming weekend with each other. That’s what I call CSUnity. It brings a tear to the eye.

Lauryn Bolz

Seeing everyone sport their green T-shirts and all the events produce such a great feeling of Ram pride. I especially love bringing my family around when they visit for Homecoming weekend. Fort Collins puts on a lot of fun and family-friendly events, like the festival at The Oval and the parade, making it a great time to show off this cute little town. That being said, the best part of the weekend is the excuse to splurge on a nice dinner at Union or Rare. 

Justin Rios

I’ve never really cared for Homecoming week, but it’s nice to see everyone else hyped up about it! There’s a bonfire though, so that’s exciting. However, my favorite Homecoming activity would have to be catching up on sleep, because sleep is everything.

Scotty Powell

My favorite Homecoming activity is the Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner because I’m not invited to it anyway, so I don’t feel obligated to attend. I also like the parent and family breakfast because there’s FREE BACON!


Autumn Sorrentino

My favorite Homecoming activity is hearing about Homecoming because I’m a freshman who has no clue what to expect this season. Apparently there’s a bonfire, so that’s cool! I’m always down to roast some s’mores. That’s allowed, right?

A full list of events can be found on the Colorado State University website

Leo Friedman

My favorite Homecoming activity is having my parents bring me to a nice restaurant. I need a break from instant ramen. My favorite place to go is Jay’s Bistro. They have great steaks and live jazz music every weekend.

Matt Campbell

My favorite Homecoming activity is going to a football game with my friends and watching all the students build a sense of community out of CSU pride. It’s so nice to be surrounded by fellow students and fans all cheering for their team.

Ty Davis

My favorite Homecoming activity is either going to sit in a movie theater for a movie marathon to escape from everyone or heading into Old Town to celebrate with everyone and their parents.

Emily Pisqui

My favorite Homecoming activity is the bonfire. It’s nice to be with my fellow Rams, enjoying each other’s company. I also love having my parents come down for the weekend to watch the CSU football game together and get some good food. It’s an overall great time on campus.

Dom Brazeau

My favorite Homecoming activity is my parents coming to CSU and showing them around campus, showing them where my classes are and showing them my favorite places around the school. Then, later that day, I like going to the football game. 

Sam Sedoryk

My favorite Homecoming activity is going to Old Town for a night out with everyone or going to campus on Friday night for the bonfire and fireworks. It’s a great time to escape the stress of college and just enjoy the spirit-filled weekend. 

Joel Thompson

This Homecoming weekend, I will most likely go to a few concerts. There are plenty of local venues hosting shows this weekend and maybe even a few DIY shows happening. I like to relieve stress by hate-moshing alone while a bunch of strangers watch me awkwardly.

Arrion Smith

I would most definitely have to say that my favorite part of Homecoming weekend is when my family comes up, and we go down to Old Town and catch up. Another thing that I love about Homecoming weekend is the Homecoming game itself. The CSU environment seems to be more upbeat and ready to take on the Friday Night Lights. 

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