Collegian Picks: Dressing up for Halloween 2019

Elena Waldman

From popular movies characters to reality TV casts, Halloween is a big day to express ourselves through the art of disguise. Whether you’re going spooky or silly, the arts and culture staff has some pretty big ideas for this Halloween celebration. 

Here are the A&C costume picks for this year’s Halloween. 


Elena Waldman

Obviously I am being the Joker (the Joaquin Phoenix one) for Halloween. There isn’t a character on Earth I would rather be; in fact, I am prepared to be the Joker (the Joaquin Phoenix one) every day for the rest of the year if the University allows me. In my opinion, we are always wearing masks. Halloween is the only day we are being ourselves. 

Autumn Sorrentino 

I plan on being Patrick from the “SpongeBob SquarePants” movie, because I’m a goofy goober. Except it’s at the end of the movie, where Patrick does the splits in tall black high-heeled boots and fishnet tights. Until it gets cold, and then I’m going to change into a polar bear onesie

Lauryn Bolz

For this Halloween, I am finally going to embrace the black hole in my heart and become a witch. I’m hoping to practice some witchcraft and perhaps cast spells on my most horrible and disgusting exes. 

Graham Shapley 

As a white journalist with black hair and glasses, I’ve gone for the easiest possible costume: Clark Kent. A button-up shirt hiding a Superman T-shirt makes for an effective costume when you practically are Clark just without the super powers, as far as anybody knows.

Scotty Powell 

I always like wearing a plain white shirt or sweatshirt with extra light khakis and being mayonnaise. I feel a deep, personal connection to this costume, like when I’m wearing it, I’m being who I was meant to be. The nice thing about it, too, is that it’s interchangeable. Say you aren’t a fan of mayonnaise; you could wear the same clothing combination and tell people you’re marshmallow fluff, an eggshell or the heart of a young child.

Sam Sedoryk

This year, I’m throwing together some clothing from my closet, grabbing a wooden pipe and dressing as Sherlock. I personally like this costume because Sherlock is well dressed, clever and witty. While I possess none of those traits, the costume is pretty simple to put together. It’s elementary, my dear Watson.

Matt Campbell

My girlfriend bought me a pretty sick skeleton onesie, and since it has pockets and is pretty warm, I’ll probably just wear that for the whole weekend. She got it for me because I’m a huge My Chemical Romance fan, and we joke about how I look like Gerard Way all the time. She got it for me because in the documentary “Life on the Murder Scene,” Way pretty much never takes his skeleton onesie off. I look pretty good in it. The sleeves are kind of short and so are the legs, but that’s okay I guess. At least it has pockets!

Leo Friedman

For Halloween, I am dressing as a handyman. There are two reasons for this, one of them being that last minute, I went to Ragstock and found a handyman costume that I liked. Secondly, I am not handy in any way, shape or form, so I thought it would be an ironic costume. I am still looking for some way to make it funnier, so hopefully I get some luck before tomorrow.

Emily Pisqui

I usually stick to non-bloody costumes, but this year, I wanted to change that. I’m going to be a Purge participant this Halloween night. I’ve always wanted to be able to glow in the dark, so I’m looking forward to it. I got inspired by many makeup gurus on TikTok. I’m hoping my friends are willing to put blood on their faces.

Dom Brazeau

For my costume, I am between two choices. If I go with my friends as a group, I will be Harry Potter since all I would need to do is add a scar on my forehead and find a nice stick. If not Harry Potter, then I will most likely be a basic bro and just put on a basketball jersey and carry a ball around.


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