Films to Look Out For in July

Ty Davis

Only the second month into the season and the summer film release schedule has no intention of slowing down. With so many major box office openings and streaming debuts coming this July, filtering out the good from the bad becomes a challenge. Here are the movies coming out this month you need to pay attention to.

“Spider-Man: Far From Home” – July 2nd


Not only has Tom Holland quickly proven himself as a good Spider-Man actor, but the whole film’s cast has proven itself incredibly strong. With “Far From Home,” the Marvel Cinematic Universe production machine continues its momentum of providing superhero movies with a subtle yet deep look into the superhero genre and the tropes of it own universe.

“Midsommar” ­– July 3rd

After Ari Aster’s breakout film “Hereditary” shocked audiences, the horror film connoisseur is coming back with a promising new project. “Midsommar” promises to discomfort you from beginning to end, evident in everything from the trailer to the poster.

“Phil” – July 5th

Despite a corny premise, “Phil” seems to be made with enough of a sincerity to actually be worthwhile. Dealing with the serious topic of suicide, the film uses dark humor to make morbid ideas more approachable. 

“The Art of Self-Defense” – July 12th

Jesse Eisenberg looking pathetic then making a fool of himself by diving into a toxic, hyper-masculine world that is bound to come back and bite him? Yeah, sounds funny and cathartic.

“The Farewell” – July 12th

Based on a true story, “The Farewell” follows an American-Chinese family visiting their dying relative, and grandmother to the protagonist played by Awkwafina. However, the family has decided to not tell her, which ignites a debate in the family about ethics and east vs west traditions.

“She’s Just a Shadow” – July 19th


An eccentric, over-the-top, wild ride through Japan’s underworld in the middle of a gang war and a murder mystery involving a serial killer. Stylish, hyper, and looks like a diabolically good time.

“The Lion King” – July 19th

While many have been soured since the reveal that the movie would be CGI, plan for the Disney remake to be hit-or-miss at best. A solid cast and direction by Jon Favreau is reason enough to still expect it to be good.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” – July 26th

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” may draw skepticism, but it is hard to deny it looks like a fun ride. A murder mystery in classic Hollywood is a hard premise to turn away from, and with Tarantino’s writing behind it, it’s even harder not to get sucked in to the appeal.

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