One Flew West brings energy, punk attitude to FoCoMX gig

Joel Thompson

Hailing from Longmont, Colorado, the band One Flew West played at the Aggie Theatre as part of FoCoMX Saturday, April 27.

The band blends folk and punk influences. Aggie Theatre’s large venue space offered enough room for their energetic and danceable sound.


“They put on a really fun concert,” said audience member Karina Wilson. “My friends and I couldn’t stop dancing.”

Nearly every song during the band’s 45-minute set had the crowd on their feet or banging their head to the beat. The performance was reminiscent of classic pop punk bands from the ’90s featuring a high energy show paired with moments of crowd interaction.

Beach balls constantly flew from the crowd, nearly hitting the band on multiple occasions. Lead singer Linden Jackson directed the crowd, always jump-starting their participation. There was never a dull moment during One Flew West’s set.

I think I’ll be listening to them on repeat for the next few weeks. Karina Wilson, audience member

One of the bands best gimmicks was the inflatable tube men, the ones often seen outside of car dealerships, that danced along to the last song, “Trial and Error.” The crowd joyously joined the inflatable men.

The quality of the band’s musicianship continually surprised me. Every little thing a member did had a direct and exciting impact on the sound. The musicality of One Flew West is surprisingly deep, my initial expectations for the songs were often refuted, leading to unexpected turns and massively fun songs.

One of the more interesting aspects of One Flew West is their combination of influences and the subject matter they cover. Most bands that take on a heavy pop influence tend to be repetitive; however, One Flew West reflects the opposite of this. Each song during their set took on a different mood, leading to a concert that kept the audience’s attention.

The band’s lyrics were intoxicating to sing along to and ridiculously catchy. One Flew West’s choruses find their way into your head and almost force you to sing along. The rawness of their punk and folk influences, in addition to their pop tendencies, create lyrics that are not only fun to sing, but have emotional resonance. The complexities and interplay of their vocals kept interest throughout the entirety of the set and helped the lyrics take their full effect.

“I have one of their songs stuck in my head right now,” Wilson said after the concert. “All of their songs are easy to sing along with. I think I’ll be listening to them on repeat for the next few weeks.”

The only lackluster part of the band’s performance was the lead acoustic guitar. It was often overshadowed by the other instruments. However, when the acoustic guitar was able to be heard, it added to the slight folk elements prevalent in their style.

All in all, One Flew West put on an impressive concert that not only showed why they’re becoming an integral part of Colorado’s alternative music scene, but also showed their ability to keep the crowd entertained.


Overall: 8/10

Joel Thompson can be reached at or on Twitter @probably_joel.