Local bands will bring groovy vibes to the Aggie this weekend

Shay Rego

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, local band Write Minded will be performing this Saturday night at the Aggie Theater.  

Jarod Ford, also known by many as “TurtleBear” is the bass player for a local Fort Collins band named Write Minded. The band plays a wide variety of music from hip hip, rock, reggae, funk and even soul. During this concert at Hodi’s Half Note, TurtleBear put his hair in a mohawk for the first time to add something different to the show. The band plays multiple times a year at venues all across Fort Collins and Colorado in addition to performing in other states. (Matt Begeman | Collegian)

Write Minded is a local eclectic hip-hop band consisting of six members and in 2016, they were awarded “Best Funk/Fusion/Jam album” from the Independent Music Awards. The group embodies the idea of chasing your dreams and working hard for something you love, with live performances that are soulful and genuine.


Fort Collins prides itself on supporting local businesses, including local music. A trip to the Aggie is a great opportunity to show support and love for the local band. You can swing by the venue this Saturday, November 10 at 8 p.m. to listen to Write Minded and an array of opening acts like The Great Salmon Famine, Rastasaurus, and Shovelin Stone. 

A preview of the band’s music can be found on Spotify. Tickets to the Aggie performance are available here.

Write Minded will be performing songs from their 2016 album, ‘Eye Above’ as well as new unreleased music, a chance to sneak peek their next big project. Due to their eclectic style, there’s sure to be something for everybody to enjoy with an upbeat sound and relatable lyrics. 

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