Denver artist finds success in short time of exhibiting work

Linc Thomas

Modern artists strive to create unique styles that are separate from the great masters. Art is a medium that allows for flexibility and creativity to run wild. Jenny Goring, a Denver artist, does just that. 

Goring is an artist of many mediums, currently utilizing a unique and original art form she calls “collage-painting.” She said she creates inlayers with individual elements which she rearranges until they speak to her. 


“My ‘collage-painting’ process is like a meditation for me,” Goring said. “It is a very interactive process in which I try one thing, assess how it is working, and try something else. I see something beautiful, and I put it someplace I think it will do well. If it doesn’t, I can move it around. All the while I’m immersed in the beauty and going with the flow. It simply feels good to work this way.”

When asked about the meaningfulness of her creative process, Goring explained she wanted to work in a medium that allowed her creativity to flow while still focusing on a specific area of artistry. 

“I like to have the freedom to grow and change,” Goring said. “I had to find a niche for myself where I can offer the consistency and brand recognition that’s needed to entice fans and collectors, while still giving myself the ability to explore new media, techniques and messages in my art practice.”

On her website, Goring displays her numerous works that demand the viewer’s attention. Renditions of koi swimming through a brook, Dia De Los Muertos characters, and a variety of vibrant flowers are just a few of the inspirations of Goring’s art. Her nature-inspired approach and unique mediums do not represent just her artwork, but also her mindset. 

Colorado Columbine. Courtesy of Jenny Goring.

“I love nature, especially flowers,” Goring said. “I am invigorated by the colors and shapes, soothed by the way the wind gently moves the leaves. I feel centered when I smell the fresh garden air after a rain. I have always felt most calm, most at rest, most secure when I’m surrounded by growing things.”

Goring showcases her work at art festivals all over the state of Colorado. This summer alone she participated in 13 different shows, won the Mayor’s Choice Award and has recently been selected for an arts residency at the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts.

Goring has only been presenting her work in festivals for a year and a half but still boasts an extensive line of awards and strong artist reputation. Goring said there is an opportunity to present a point of view through her artwork.

“I spent a few years simply making beautiful flowers with the expectation that people consider flowers neutral, and they could assign their own meaning to what they see,” Goring said. “Now that I have spent the past year participating in art festivals and showing my work in galleries, I have had the opportunity to talk with people about what they see, notice recurring themes and understand the effects that my art can have on people.”

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