9 best photo shoot spots on CSU’s campus

Molly Strader

In the age of Instagram models and social media, everyone wants unique pictures to post that will get them a plethora of likes. Colorado State University’s campus has countless locations that make for Insta-worthy photos.

Here are nine places to capture great pictures to make any social media feed pop. 


light up orbs
Light up orbs outside of the Chemistry Research building located off of West Pitkin Street. (Clara Scholtz | Collegian)
  1. Light-up orbs outside the Chemistry Research Building

One location that is sure to make for colorful photos is right outside of the Chemistry Research building. The light up orb sculptures change color, making them fit anyone’s Instagram aesthetic. The best time of day to venture to this area is after sundown to experience the vibrancy of the lights. 

  1. Morgan Library

For those trying to stay inside, the Morgan Library is the perfect place to explore and take photos in for hours. Countless places within the library appeal to one’s style, from the maze of books to stylish study rooms, like the  ’70s themed room on the third floor. It is easy to get creative with photos, and everyone’s parents will be thrilled to see pictures of their student “studying” too. 

  1. Cycling room at the Rec Center

Can’t make it out this weekend? This unconventional spot inside the Rec Center above the basketball courts will satisfy anyone’s black light aesthetic needs. Wearing a white shirt will enhance your glow, and for anyone who needs a workout class, this spot allows for exercising of the mind and body.

  1. Treehouse meeting room in the Natural Resources Building

The Natural Resources building is home to a secretly amazing photo shoot location. Room 360 is also known as the tree house meeting room because of its high elevation and leafy friends that sit right outside the window. This is a good spot for anyone who loves nature but hates going outside. This unusual room also overlooks the Plaza, making for an eye-catching, elevated image.

  1. Colorful pillars at the Lory Student Center

Located right outside the LSC Theatre, these pillars make for a great photo background for any color lovers. These multicolored pillars are easy to spot but still produce unique photos. For a bonus, there is a ton of beautiful art in the LSC for a photo backdrop that also lets people support student art.

A full map of CSU campus is available at maps.colostate.edu.

  1. LSC piano

Everyone knows this painted piano on the side of the LSC facing the Morgan Library. This piano is the perfect location to take pictures at any time of day for anyone trying to channel their inner Mozart. It doubles as an artsy video location for anyone with mad piano skills.

  1. The Lagoon near the LSC

This location falls right in the middle of campus, making it convenient for all students and visitors to snap a picture. Nature lovers especially will enjoy a chance to photograph the birds of the Lagoon. The spot is also very versatile, as pictures taken here look good during every season.

people walking
Students walk through the oval located off West Laurel Street. (Clara Scholtz | Collegian)
  1. Yates foliage wall

Located right between West Lake Street and West Pitkin Street, this wall is thickly covered in multicolored vines, and is especially vibrant in the fall. From the Subway on West Lake Street, anyone can locate this wall and get some quick pictures. Make sure to go here during the later part of the day for optimal lighting.

  1. The Oval

Get on the Horn and avoid walking altogether to this iconic photo shoot spot. Grabbing some friends and a blanket or two will help capture some very college-esque photos. Pictures on The Oval are a must for any CSU student or visitor, and the spot also looks fantastic covered in snow.

Molly Strader can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @mkstrader.