Omega Psi Phi Fraternity explores Black love

Isabelle Rayburn

“What is love?” is a question asked all too often.

This past week, Omega Psi Phi fraternity hosted a seminar between CSU and UNC black students to discuss “black love” in a predominantly white area. (Photo courtesy of Henry Cooper)

The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity hosted a seminar to discuss black love on this past week. The purpose of the seminar was to have healthy conversations between students of color at CSU and the University of Nothern Colorado about what black love is and how students feel about black love at predominately white institutions. 


“Being black men in this fraternity, we value our community so much that having the conversation especially with United Women of Color was a prime way to get communities together that can have healthy dialect about our relationships,” said Langston Mayo, communication studies and philosophy major at UNC and the vice boss of Omega Psi Phi. 

There were many topics that came up within the definitions of love and how black women feel they are loved in the black community. The women of the color in the room really expressed themselves and told how they felt which caused the room to have mixed emotions and topics to shift.

“I feel like we deteriorated from the main topic of black love because we were focused on other races influencing black love,” said Jaquikeyah Fields an undeclared CSU student. “Overall, there were some good points and I think it was a good space for black women to vocalize some of the feelings that they have.”

Although the event went off track a bit, there were still opportunities to have a greater conversation between many more people of color around campus.

“There seems to be a lot of miscommunication on both ends between black men and black women and we’re just not on the same page with what we want,” said Micaela Parker a CSU communications and ethnic studies major said.”I feel like this was a great start for a conversation and I feel like this just opens more doors for more events like this to happen and for us to have a better understanding of each other.”

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