‘Mr. Perfect’ explores the philosophical boundaries of romantic comedies

Ryan Lueck

Between tumultuous failed sexual encounters, quavering romance and existential angst, “Mr. Perfect” uses sharp wit to make a cheerful, entertaining and jocular exploration on the role of romance and arbitrary narrative in modern life and relationships.

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The Bas Bleu Theater Company is a performing arts center focused on local, innovative art. (Mike Berg | Collegian)

The romantic comedy play “Mr. Perfect” features four local artists and is written and directed by William Missouri Downs. The chemistry and talent among the cast members bleed through each line as their characters attempt to navigate through idealistic views of love and destiny, deciphering the value of living a fulfilling life between the bookends of our constructed narratives.


The play’s protagonist, Zooey (Brikai Cordova), is obsessed with romance audiobooks and she, in turn, places those expectations of romantic narrative and plot onto her love life. This is where Downs’ writing begins to shine. The play continues as Zooey struggles with the fact that her inter-personal relationships aren’t fulfilled within this framework and feels unsatisfied with the “ordinary humdrum of existence.”

“I don’t want kitchen sink realism,” Zooey says.

Another character in the play, Ralph (Graeme Schulz), is a Ph.D. student whose dissertation explores the gullibility and fallible nature of humans to follow along with ideas that appeal to our desperation for actualizing romantic narratives.

Mr. Perfect will be at the Bas Bleu Theatre until Sept. 30. Tickets are available through their website.

The show is not at all limited by its genre, bringing in philosophical discussion and ideas such as exploring fate, the existence of God, chance, love, death, suicide and desperation. The brilliant performances by the cast and the humorous writing balance the show in a particularly interesting realm held claim by other absurd shows such as “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead,” “Waiting for Godot,” and others. The use of humor and the exploration of important and fascinating philosophical ideas place this show in the avant-garde of romantic-comedies.

Blending local talents, superb writing and directing, and a beautifully designed and lit stage, audiences are in for laughs, philosophical conundrum, and a healthy dose of existential dread.

How does one respond to this? The remedy suggested by the play is an analogy of a ticking clock, noting how human nature is so concerned with the bookends and the need for satisfaction at the end of our lives, that we hardly appreciate the time between the tick of the beginning and the tock of our ceasing mortality. 


Fort Collins’ local Bas Bleu Theatre is hosting the show and is celebrating their 27th season of local theatrics. Mr. Perfect” will be at the Bas Bleu Theatre until Sept. 30. Tickets are available through their website.

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