So long, 2017: How to celebrate the new year

Nick Botkin


Old Town Fort Collins lit up
Going to Old Town for New Years can help you reflect on history and tradition (Photo courtesy of Daniel Cohen)

You might be eager to ring in 2018. Perhaps 2017 was rife with disappointments. Maybe you did not meet your goals, which you outlined with such precision. Maybe you had a  tough semester, complete with a pompous professor.


That is soon to be history. Here are some things you can do to ring the new year and release the old into the vortex of time:

Have a burn party.

This entails burning everything that holds negative meaning from the past year. The purpose is renewal. Torch your bank statements, your transcripts, those papers that got a less-than-stellar grade. If you have a nice backyard, have a bonfire. If not, the fireplace will have to do. Do not set the house on fire. It is supposed to be a happy New Year. Not a dead one.

Walk around Old Town. 

If you are in the mood to reflect, take a walk. Go to Old Town, even if it is a sea of hangovers and rowdiness. Just avoid the puke. You can take in over a century of history, replete with graceful buildings and achievement. Perhaps the rowdiness will fill you up with cheer. You might even make a friend in the chaos and revelry.

Hang out with friends. 

What better way to ring in the year than with friends? You could celebrate the year alone, but do you really want to? Make a night of it. Give each other a hard time. Remind each other of funny incidents from the past year. That is why you have friends…that and the need for good companionship.

Watch movies. 

If you are just too tired to go out, watch movies. It does not have to be overtly New Year’s themed. Watch something that has special meaning. Although, watching “New Year’s Eve” is appropriate. You can watch people have adventures without leaving your living room. Another advantage: you can maintain your safety and your sanity.

Write goals. 


 Come up with goals for the next year. These do not need to be resolutions. After all, you do not know if you will resolve them. Think of it as a blueprint for your life in 2018. Think about the things you achieved or did not. These can be big or small. Vow to ask someone out. Promise to tackle that biology class you signed up for. Even a change in attitude can be good. Do not give up the cynicism. Just be a little happier.

Have a beer.

You might find champagne more apropos. Fair enough. However, beer is a part of the Fort Collins experience. If you are of age, ring in the year Fort Collins-style with a Fat Tire or some other local brew. But do not let the next morning turn into something out of “The Hangover.”

New Year’s Event in Fort Collins:

Chipper’s Lanes New Year’s Bash

Where: Chipper’s Lanes, 830 N. College Ave

When: Dec 31/Jan 1, 1o p.m.- 2 a.m.

Collegian reporter Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri can be reached at or on Twitter @dudesosad