How to make your roommate’s finals week suck less

Maddie Wright

Finals week is always one of the most stressful weeks of the semester. This is the last chance to change grades, emotions are running high, caffeine levels are at an all-time high and sleep levels are at an all-time low.

Studying for finals can be very consuming, make sure to stay hydrated and practice self-care. Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

It is at this point in the year where people are most likely to snap and to snap at their roommates especially. So instead of getting snippy, here are some things to do to make the roommate relationship stronger and make their last week a little bit easier:


1. Go on a coffee run.

Whether it be early morning or mid-afternoon, text your roommate and see what they want from their coffee shop of choice. If you are not trying to spend money, then make coffee for them at home, or set out the Keurig that they love with a supportive note. Roommate not into coffee? A packet of hot chocolate should do the trick.

2. Send texts of support on test days. 

It is the day of that big ecology test, the defining test to determine if your roommate has to repeat the class or not. Send them a quick “you got this” or “I believe in you” during the day so they know you are thinking of them.

 3. Bring them some late night snacks.

It is midnight, you have been staring at the same chemistry equation for 45 minutes and your stomach is starting to growl. Taco Bell is calling out your name. Before you leave, see what your roommate wants, and pick them up the Doritos Loco Taco Supreme of their dreams.

4. Be a listening ear. 

When their professor moves a due date up or the person behind them in psych would not stop smacking their gum the whole exam, sit down and listen to them vent it all out. You don’t even have to say anything back. Just be supportive. It will go a long way.

5. Do the dishes.

We have heard it a thousand times. But this week especially, take five minutes after you dirty a plate to clean up. Even offer to clean your roommate’s. On hectic weeks, it is easy to let chores pile up but when everything gets wild. It can make you feel even more frazzled. So clean up the dishes, and offer to do your roommate’s.


6. Make sure you get them a holiday gift. 

It is easy to get blindsided by all the winter holidays when you are so focused on getting your French grade up. Take a study break, and make a trip to the Target dollar section and pick out some cute knick-knacks for your roommate, maybe a nice pair of socks for yourself.

7. Offer to make dinner one night. 

To try and normalize a stressful week, make a nice home cooked, balanced meal for them. Surprise them with a sweet meal that you know they love, and don’t forget to make yourself some, too. Good brain food will keep you going through this week.

8. Replace the toilet paper…before it even runs out. 

If you share a bathroom, bring in an extra roll of toilet paper, and just store it in their for later in the week when no one wants to think about doing mundane chores.

9. Add googly eyes to random things in the house to make them smile. 

If you’re bored out of your mind going over flashcards for the twelfth time and need to inject some innocent childhood joy to make yourself and your roommate giggle, start putting googly eyes on things around the apartment. Look at their toothbrush, the microwave, their cell phone charger, wherever.

For more finals help, visit the TILT office. 

Hours: Sun. – Thurs. 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. 

Location: 701 Oval Drive

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