Students share spooky stories

Nick Botkin

A jack-o-lantern grins wickedly
Colorado State University students have had many spooky experiences ranging from visiting haunted candy shops to watching “The Ring” in the dark. (Photo courtesy of

What is your spookiest Halloween-style experience?

Ghosts? Pranks? Men with chainsaws?


Colorado State University students have gone through a myriad of such experiences.

Rocky Eisentraut is a junior theater performance major. Her creepiest experience? Watching horror movies in the dark.

“I feel like it does not count unless you are in the dark,” Eisentraut said.  “If it is during the day, you can wuss out.”

 Eisentraut said the creepiest movie for her is “The Ring.”

“I watched it when I was young and it still scares me,” Eisentraut said. “I cannot walk by turned off TVs in the dark. The same with mirrors.” 

 Makenna Green’s most intense moment was a haunted candy store attraction in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado. Green is a freshman journalism media studies major.

Green said the attraction was comprised of a half-hour long tour. Throughout the tour, a man with a chainsaw wearing a hockey mask and dark clothes darted in and out.

“He would show up randomly and at the end he would just chase you out,” Green said. “It was very nerve wracking. “It made me jumpy and jittery.”

Keegan Petau, a sophomore forestry major, visited a haunted house. Petau also said a man with a chainsaw chased him throughout the house.

However, it was not the man, or the chainsaw, that got him.


“It was dark and we were running,” Petau said. “I ran face-first into a pole.”

Petau added that while the incident was funny, he would not go back.

“Not a fan of haunted houses since,” Petau said.

Some students have been haunted by other forces entirely.

Jessica Boxurd is a sophomore journalism media communications major. Her greatest fear? The so-called Slender Man. According to Boxurd, the man is attired in black with a white mask.

Boxurd’s  brother told her about the rampaging and murderous creature.

 On one occasion, playing with her cousins, she saw the marauder nearby.

“I thought I was gonna be murdered,” Boxurd said.

The perpetrator? Her brother.

Boxurd said she has become scared of the dark. The so-called Slender Man has also made her shy away from scary movies.

Boxurd said, “I cannot watch anything with a white screen.” 

Upcoming Halloween attraction:

2017 Halloween Organ Extravaganza:

Where: Organ Recital Hall, University Center for the Arts

When: Oct 31.  7 p.m., 9 p.m., and 11 p.m.

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