Last night’s ‘American Horror Story’ episode in tweets

Ashley Potts

This week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Cult” finally delivered the horror. Up to this point, the show hasn’t had the twists, turns and gore we know and love. Last night, that was all there. Here are some of the best fan and cast tweets from #AHSCult put out during the show. 

*Spoilers ahead*


The first few minutes of the episode brought the shock that Ivy, Sarah Paulson’s characters wife, is part of the cult that Evan Peter’s character, Kai, is assembling. Fans reacted accordingly.

This revelation also prompted a feeling of betrayal. And suddenly, Paulson’s Ally, who was the main source of crazy for the first few episodes, seems to be the most normal.

Speaking of Ally, we’re all just waiting for her to stop playing the victim and channel the badassery we see Paulson deliver every season.

The episode left us wondering about other characters as well. Leslie Grossman’s character, Meadow, had quite the run in with the cult, and Ally bunkered down rather than helped her, but did she get away? Grossman might be hinting at something.

Some of the best gore and overall morbidity came from Kai, wielding a nail gun. Not only that, but forcing the other members of the cult to collectively take care of a member he felt was too weak. While most fans felt sick, some took it in stride and made jokes.


And when Kai is being that horrible, fans really want to hate him. But that’s proving to be difficult for fans of Evan Peters. Some find it hard to separate him and his character, which is weird for those who just see him as a cult leader right now.

The last few minutes of the episode provided both some seriously disturbing backstory as well as another plot twist. It was revealed that Ally’s psychiatrist, played by actor Cheyenne Jackson, is Kai’s older brother. The impact of this on Ally is to be determined. 

This episode proves that the show is moving in the right direction. Fans that have held on through the first few semi-weird, politically charged episodes will surely be rewarded as the show moves forward. After all, it’s kind of a cult of its own.

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