Chemistry Club’s Halloween show to make science spooky

Matt Smith

This Halloween, get some science with your frights.

On Oct. 27, the CSU Chemistry Club will put on an all-ages show from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. of the coolest—and spookiest—demonstrations chemistry is capable of. Booths and tables of activities will pack the lobby of the Chemistry Building, with over 400 people projected to attend.


The club is dedicated to expanding chemical knowledge and scientific experience in our community, and with the Halloween Show 2017 it aims to do so with with some Halloween fun.

Some demonstrations will involve liquid nitrogen. Others will explain the invisible ink process. You can also create your own packing peanut rendition of the Wicked Witch of the West and watch her dissolve in a bucket of acetone. 

At the creepy crawler booths, see the arthropods and arachnids of the CSU Bug Zoo, as well as the snakes and lizards of the Zoological Discovery Center of Denver.

In the theme of the season, there will also be trick-or-treating activities. Everyone is invited to arrive in full costume and make the rounds booth to booth collecting candy.

 “I’m just excited about all of them,” said Anne Marie Rauker, a senior chemistry major and one of the outreach coordinators.“It’s just a really fun event. We get to help spread the word about science with everyone.”

Club members will not be the only ones teaching cool science—one booth will host a local Girl Scout troop demonstrating how to make your own optical illusions—but the club will also need some extra hands.

“We always love when college students volunteer with us,” said Lindsey Paricio, a senior chemistry major and outreach coordinator. “They just contact us. Shoot us an email or a Facebook message and we will gladly pull them on board.”

Volunteers will help with setting up, running and tearing down demonstrations while in full, family-friendly costume. Oh, and there will be free pizza afterword.

Reach the Chemistry Club at, their website or on Facebook for more information.

Collegian Reporter Matthew Smith can be reached at or on twitter @latvatalo.