Alec Reviews Music: Smallpools’ ‘The Science of Letting Go’ is refreshing

Alec Erickson

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Four years may not seem like a lot of time. In four years, you might finish college, high school or some other form of education. There is one band that has managed to make a name for themselves and are educating everyone on their sound. Smallpools burst onto the scene with their debut EP and ever since have been dominating airwaves and playlist with hit tracks. It has been just a couple of years since we have gotten any new music from the group, and now we finally have their second EP “The Science of Letting Go.”

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Smallpools is a small indie-pop group based out Los Angeles. You can track them back to 2013 with the release of their first self-titled EP. From there the band hit the mainstream, with constant rotation around the country. It was only a matter of time until they released their debut studio album and in 2015 we saw the release of “Lovetap.” If anything can be said about Smallpools is that they are hardworking. From next to non-stop touring, one can only wonder where they find the time to work on new music. With multiple releases in just a few short years, you can hear just how much work has really gone into “The Science of Letting Go.”



“The Science of Letting Go” might be a brief five-track EP that clocks in at 18 minutes in length, but manages to do a lot in a short amount of time. From the get go you can hear how Smallpools took what work best in their previous releases and expanded on that. From beginning to end this EP is packed with well-produced and enticing pop beats that are bound to round out any summer playlist.

Starting us off is the track “Million Bucks,” before the first chorus even kicks in you will know if you are going to like it or not. “Million Bucks” is the signature Smallpools track in which it is not the surface-level pop that most people are used to. It has some soul. From a solid progression to intoxicating rhythm, it is hard not to like “Million Bucks.” While “Million Bucks” sets the bar high, the rest of the EP has no problem living up to that expectation. “DJs & Porsches” and “Centerfold” give the listener as wide of a variety in style as one could expect from the band. You have your classic summer anthem with the former and then you get this in-depth dance track with the latter. If anything could be really said about Smallpools itis that they got some style, and that could not be any clearer in tracks like “Passenger Side.” Everything on this EP is outshined instantly though when you listen to “Mother,” which is the perfect track to end the EP on. “Mother” is as real as it is well produced and that is what makes it a must listen to.

While music style is where Smallpools shines the best, subject matter is a bit of a mixed bag. Everything in “The Science of Letting Go” is a bit surface level at best, but for a pop record that is about what you would expect. While Smallpools do not have anything new or fresh to say about girls, heartbreak, hometowns and anything else related to that, the band can make it sound great and enjoyable. There is a unique kind of beauty to the simplicity of the record. It makes everything you are listening to a bit more relatable and enjoyable. You just should not expect them to change the way you think about anything.

Should you listen to it?: Without a doubt!

It may have taken four years, but Smallpools have really found the secret to making a great track with “The Science of Letting Go.” From party anthems to dance tracks and everything in between, Smallpools have you covered with just five tracks. This is an EP that really is worth checking out.

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