Denver Comic Con comes to Colorado this weekend with increased security

Nerds and Geeks alike rejoice as their favorite event comes to Denver this weekend.

Denver Comic Con is an annual celebration of all things pop and nerd culture, put on by Pop Culture Classroom. This year will be the sixth year of the event, and it has grown from 27,700 attendees in 2012 to 114,900 last year.


The three-day event includes panels, vendors, pop culture activities and of course celebrities. This year’s guest includes “Weird Al” Yankovic, actors from “Stranger Things” and “Doctor Who” and well-known actors such as Wallace Shawn and Nathan Fillion. A full list of celebrity guests can be found on the Con’s website.

In addition to visiting the celebrity summit and hearing their favorite celebrities speak at panels, attendees can also enjoy educational panels put on by Pop Culture Classroom with topics that range from cosplay in the classroom to teaching STEM with comics. A full schedule can be found on the website.

Many independent events take place around the convention, including after-parties and cosplay contests, as downtown Denver is filled with people wearing hand-made costumes from their favorite movies, shows and comics.

According to 9News, security is a huge focus of this year’s Comic Con, and the event will be doing bag checks for the first time. This rise in security follows a situation at the Phoenix Comic Con, where an attendee claiming to be the Marvel character The Punisher threatened police officers and guests.

The new security may slow down entrance into the Con, so attendees should plan on being there early to get to their favorite panels in time.

Tickets are still on sale on the Con’s website, but officials warn that some passes may sell out before the event. With questions, email

Collegian reporter Chapman Croskell can be reached at or on Twitter @Nescwick.